Thursday, September 8, 2011

Leather Pouches

Tutorials take a very, very long time to complete.  Sewing tutorials seem to take the longest, and are by far the most complicated, if it is to be done properly.  Even just photographing the process while a friend sews is time consuming, and I found myself getting distracted with chatter and having to go back because I forgot to take a shot of a step. 

Mary, the lady with the pretty hands pictured here, is the one that figured out the exact way to sew the pouches to resemble the American Apparel ones.  She needs a blog.  She says it would stress her out too much and I sorta understand.  Anyhow, after I made the basic pouch, she patiently sat there one night and figured out how to make the pretty little side tabs that cover the ends of the zipper that give the bags a much more finished look.  Our bags are now just as good as the Americal Apparel one, if not better because the leather is gorgeous!  We make a good team, her and I.  She also typed out instructions in a Word document complete with a diagram to pass out at craft night.  She is thorough and detail oriented in a way I'll never be.  While I'd love to provide those precise instructions here on the blog and give out the step-by-steps, it also doesn't feel right since the tutorial was a team effort.  Like I said before, the bag is very simple to make and from the pictures here, you can get the jest of it.

I still thought I'd share some pictures though of us working on the bags yesterday.  You see, remember when I said craft night didn't go so smooth?  Well at least half the ladies left without a bag that night because we just got too jammed up and didn't have time to finish.  Too much wine and talking I guess.  Lesson learned, no sewing at craft night next time.  Happy day guys!  I'm off to get my boy's hair cut and then the Aquarium...he starts school on Monday so we're going on a date!


  1. drooling. i want to make those. did you just buy the leather at joanns? i'm thinking about how i could insert little, strong magnet strips inside at two points so that it stuck together a little when folded. what do you think?

  2. LOVE this! I haven't brought out my sewing machine in ages.

  3. Beautiful! Something about all that leather in a pile....scrumptious!

  4. I love how simple these look. I pinned this for later:)

  5. these are amazing, do you sell them?

  6. LOVE! Easy to make, but being homeless, I can't just whip out my sewing machine at Starbucks...OR CAN I? (That would be hilarious!)

  7. Please tell me what type of needle you used...and how did you set your tension, width and length for the machine...I keep breaking needles help.

  8. how gorgeous are these clutches? you are super crafty!!
    xx ~ ks

  9. I finnaly did it myself.
    There are some pics:


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