Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Love Pregnant Women

I especially love a pregnant woman with some style and a knack for sewing.
Meet my friend Mary and her two baby boys in her belly.
Isn't she positively radiant? 
And knowing my love of big huge trees, I just had to have her pose next to this beauty in her front yard.
Mary and her family live in a fantastic historic district in Long Beach, on a jacaranda tree lined street.  The houses vary in size but they all have that classic, old feel to them that you just can't recreate.  
I always love visiting her home.

Mary and I met a couple of years ago through our mom's group and I liked her from the start.  She's got a sense of humor, she's witty, and she's patient beyond words.  But what really drew me to her was her love of shoes, and finding an alternative to the mom ballet flat.  There's nothing wrong with a little bonding over shoes right?  She is the one that introduced me to these funky flats. 
Need I say more? 

Besides having rad taste in shoes, the girl can sew, and she's one of those girls that can whip something up without a pattern.  When she told me she wanted to sew the twin's nursery bedding herself, I invited her along to visit one of my favorite fabric stores in Downtown LA.  Over two trips to downtown, and a lunch over the best pastrami sandwich I've ever had, she acquired the perfect blend of fabrics to put together a nursery with the right balance of sophistication, whimsy and sweetness to perfectly suit two baby boys.

Here is a picture tour:
 This is the main wall of the nursery.  
Her talented husband painted this wall twice, after the first shade of green came out a bit too avocado-ish.
Mary has the entire set completed for one baby, and still needs to finish the other set, but she has until August
The handmade mobile was a gift, but Mary changed out the ribbons to suit the room
This adorable decal can be found here
In between mothering a 5 year old son and studying for her Masters, 
Mary got a little bored and used her extra fabric to sew a diaper holder, valances and an accent pillow.  Love it! 

Just for fun I asked to take a peek at Mary's shoe collection and it did not disappoint.
These two beige pairs up above are my absolute favorites.  I can't even take it!
She tried to give me the pair pictures above but I convinced her to keep them, 
assuring her that one day she will be able to wear them again.
I hope you enjoyed this little picture tour. 
Thank you so much Mary for allowing me to come in and snap away.  
I had a great time and I wish you a safe and speedy delivery!

Now Mary says, "Get outta here and let me rest!"


  1. she looks more put together then i ever did with just one baby in my belly!

    love that she made her own bedding. so cool! what a sweet little nest it creates for her little babies.

  2. You know I love those shoes - and I know you two bonded over Twilight too b/c I read them after listening to you two rave over the books.
    Mary you are an incredible seamstress - wow!

  3. I am in awe!!! I too, love, love, LOVE, her shoe collection. I will gladly wear her hand me downs!!! ;)

  4. I love the shoes! They look so comfy too.

  5. The nursery turned out really sweet!
    Nice post. :)

  6. Definately, love the shoes!

    Mary, the nursery is beautiful and you are an amazing seamstress.

    Andrea, great post!

  7. Definately, love the shoes!

    Mary, the nursery is beautiful and you are an amazing seamstress.

    Andrea, great post!

  8. Definately, love the shoes!

    Mary, the nursery is beautiful and you are an amazing seamstress.

    Andrea, great post!

  9. This is fantastic... I adore those shoes.
    Where did she find them?


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