Monday, November 17, 2008

A good start!

Well so far so good for a Monday! I am proud to say that I held up my end of the deal and
1. went to bed early last night
2. got up and went to the gym, which does give me more energy
3. didn't eat too much sugar yesterday and didn't have any wine
4. did the meal plan for the week on Saturday and Art did the shopping for me. Thank you Art! Love you!
5. went to bed with a clean and organized house (for the most part hehe!)
6. we had made plans to do something fun this morning before nap.

We met some friends at Hullabaloos and the kids had a blast. It's an indoor play area and we actually had taylor's 2nd birhtday there. We got there right at 10:30, left right at noon, ate lunch in the car and now both children are asleep and I am organizing pictures. Yay! I feel great :)

Here are a couple of pics from today.

Monday, November 10, 2008

I don't like Mondays...tell me why!

Does anyone remember that song? Well it came to mind this morning while we struggled through another Monday morning with a weekend hangover of way too much fun and late nights! I am writing this post as I think about it so I can make a To Do list if you will.

I made a point to not plan things on Mondays a couple of months back and it's just not working out. I end up waking up trying to make a last minute plan of what we should do today, all the while feeling guilty because I haven't done all the things I should have done over the weekend while Art is around to help. usually by Sunday I am lazy so toys and/or dishes might be out or the house just isn't as clean as I'd like it to be. We have been busy so I usually don't have an idea of what to fix for dinner that night, and we are all just exhausted from running around and staying up too late.

Our morning started at 5:30 am with Syd waking up because my mom had put him to bed last night (bless her) so we could go out to dinner, but had left the light dimly lit in his room! Once Syd is down I usually don't check in on him because he is a light sleeper. Anyhow, once he stirred and saw the light on he went ahead and decided it was time to get up. UGH!
The usual morning mayhem continued and by 9:30 Taylor had been given a spanking for grabbing Sydney and making him play patty cake. I got so irritated and had to take a few minutes to myself to think. that's when I realized that EVERY single Monday without fail starts off on the wrong foot. So to make the start of our week smoother, this is what I want to do:
  1. over the weekend make the menu plan for the week and do the grocery shopping
  2. go to bed Sunday night with the kitchen and toys clean
  3. have something planned for us to do that day. go to the park, the library, etc. just something low key
  4. go to bed early Sunday night (by 10 at the latest)
  5. limit my sugar intake on Sunday - i have noticed that if I have dessert and a glass of wine I have a sugar hangover the next day and I am more irritable

In addition, for my own sanity, I am making up a rough schedule of the week:

  • Monday - low key day at the park or something similar/playdate with Sky, etc.
  • Tuesday - work day and Tay has preschool
  • Wednesday - Syd's CD class in the am and then lunch with the kids; go to CIU when nana gets here.
  • Thursday - Preschool and music classes for both kids; Marin to help with the laundry
  • Friday - Playdate day with Tay's group
  • Saturday - menu plan and grocery shopping
  • Sunday - church and odds and ends around the house - get ready for the week!

Okay, I feel better now! I will come back later and do a fun post! I still need to put pictures up!



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