Monday, January 30, 2012

DIY Ombre Heart & Striped Canvas Totes

I've had some plain canvas totes taking up space in my craft bin for awhile now.  I bought a few of the 3 packs the last time they were on sale at Joann's and just hadn't had much inspiration for doing something with them until this past week.  With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I thought some heart totes would be the perfect little gift to have on hand for friends and cousins or even the kid's teachers, so I made these in about an hour using the trusty freezer paper method, and instead of cutting out hearts by hand with my xacto knife, I put my heart punch to good use. To read the rest of this tutorial, please click here to see it on my new blog, For the Love Of. Thank you!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Wiggle Room

{Boyfriend jeans - Gap (this was the only place I could find an affordable pair that were true boyfriend jeans btw); 
Neon striped tee - Gap; Leopard flats - Boden; Trench - James Perse; Bracelet - DIY by me
Necklaces - vintage from flea market; Preston frames - Warby Parker}

These boyfriend jeans made an appearance in last week's style post, but they didn't get much attention.  I wanted to come back round to these because I've gotta say after years of squeezing into skinny jeans, it is a breath of freaking fresh air to give my legs and booty some wiggle room I tell ya.

Remember this DIY post I did for the Daily Buzz Style?  Well I ended up winning $100 for it and with that money I opted to get myself these jeans and had money to spare to buy the neon striped bit of 80's heaven I'm sporting on top.  Let's just say that my body is thanking me 1000 times over for the breathing room.  Skinny jeans, I may never come back to you again.  Maybe.  Okay probably will, but not for a while.  As you can see, these jeans are making me quite happy and fancy free.  Linking up with Momtrends and Lindsey 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Colored Ice Sculptures - AKA Keeping Kids Busy

My kid's appetite for activity has been unquenchable these last 2 weeks, most likely because mom has not been at her best.  Usually they're content with one semi-exciting event per day, which will hold them off for hours leaving them to play happily amongst themselves or with each other.  But lately it's been a lot of "what's next, what are we doing today, now what?"  It's been exhausting and my creative well has run dry, and so the other day in between rain clouds I set them up with towers of ice in the yard and instructed them to go have at it.
Both kids remember this activity from preschool so for them much direction was unnecessary, but for you, my fellow moms, looking to occupy restless children for at least an hour, here's what you'll need.
Liquid watercolors or tinted water using food coloring (I really like Colorations Liquid Watercolors), rock salt of some sort like kosher or sea, blocks of frozen ice in various forms and sizes using tupperware containers.
The kids start by sprinkling the salt on the ice structure, as little or as much as they like.  The salt eats away cracks and divots into the ice, laying paths for the coloring to seep in.
And then they start pouring/squirting the coloring on the ice.  
The color will seep into the cracks the salt made in the ice, instead of just sliding right off.
The kids become fascinated seeing which way the colors will flow and 
what colors will meld together to form new colors.
I took pictures for the first 10 minutes or so, and then they stayed out there playing for another 45 minutes.  Ahh, the sound of happily occupied kids.  Nothing much better than that.
When they're all done just toss out on the grass or right into the sink for easy clean up.
Obviously this is a fun summer activity, but we found the fun to last even longer now in winter since the ice sculptures don't melt as quickly.  So that's what's been keeping my kids occupied for 1/12th of the day.  What's been keeping your kids busy these days?

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Closet Organization

Last week I posted my home goals for 2012, and while quite lofty, it was nice to get some encouragement that maybe it is possible to achieve most, if not all of those goals this year.  Thank you all so much for that.  In the last week we've made some progress on a few of those goals including:
  • ordered an area rug for the living room space - it ships soon, I am giddy with anticipation
  • ordered our barstools and pendant lighting to create a functional 2nd eating area in our house
  • continued work on the garage, only to discover we have a termite problem that is being treated today
So while we've made some progress on making decisions, nothing is quite yet complete so I thought I'd talk a bit about the kid's closet systems that I showed you last week.  I had a few friends email me with several questions about how they work and cost, etc, so hopefully this is somewhat helpful.

After doing a lot of research online and in store, we found that the best quality and most customizable DIY system was from Martha Stewart for Home Depot's line.  We loved that the lining came almost all the way to the ground, creating that true custom look, there were endless configurations available, 3 different color choices to choose from, and the cost was mid range; not as high as custom closets, but not so cheap you doubt their quality.  We first designed each closet online with their awesome design tool.

You begin by choosing your closet type, either walk in or reach in, and then enter the width of your closet.  It spits out a design that they think would be right for your space (coincidentally their design is also the most expensive, but that's okay, they're trying to upsell).  You can see the price for each design in the bottom left hand corner.
The drawers are quite nice, but since each kid has their own big chest of drawers, we deleted the drawers and went with more shelving.  We also did some adjustments to the type of hanging configuration we wanted.
This is essentially what the closets each look like, but we wanted to add one of those nifty laundry baskets to our design, so we went to add accessories.
That laundry basket added $50 to the total, but still within budget and it's probably the feature we love the most, so well worth it.
When your design is complete, you simply click on the Kits Needed tab to show you a list of all the items you will need, which you can print up to take to the store and shop, or you can order online and shipping is free.  The espresso pieces are all available in store, but most of the white pieces were only available online for some reason.

Syd's closet was the first one Art installed and because the walls weren't quite plumb, he had to add some shims, which took a bit more time.  Installation on Syd's closet was about 6 hours total from start to finish.

Taylor's closet went much quicker and only took about 3 hours.  Both closets though did require some cutting with a standard table saw, so beware, depending on the size of your space, some cutting will most likely be involved. 

As a frame of reference, this is what Taylor's closet looked like before the installation:
The bars were not functional for a kid's wardrobe, with not enough bottom hanging space that she could reach.  The shelves were spaced very far apart as well, so not maximizing all the available space.
And after:
Shelves are perfectly spaced apart for maximum storage space
and shoes fit perfectly in a row, with some room for her growing feet
our favorite part of the entire system, eliminating the need for a big bulky hamper we previously had
tip: if you have a young girl, get one of these to avoid the tangled masses of jewelry.  I picked up this one at Marshall's, and while not the cutest in the world, it was cheap and functional, saving me hours of having to untangle necklaces she collects from goody bags and craft projects.
Syd's closet is in the espresso wood and is just beautiful.  He has a lot less "stuff" so his shelves allow us to actually display some things, and yes, they always look like this (NO!).   But for the most part, Syd's room is able to stay a lot cleaner than Taylor's. 
So there you have it.  I know it sounds like I'm trying to sell you on this, but we just really love how they came out and how customizable they were.  Art loved how easy they were to install.  A win-win for both of us, which is a plus for our marriage ;)

I'm linking up with Jules for her William Morris series

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Hello Preston

{sweater, blouse & bracelet - J.Crew; jeans - Gap; heels - Kate Spade; necklaces - Juicy Couture & vintage; 
glasses - Warby Parker Preston in Whiskey Tortoise} Photos taken by M.Shanti Photo

I've been wearing glasses for 27 years.  I had just started the 3rd grade and my first pair were translucent pink.  I'm sure I went through a couple of more pairs that are none too memorable, until 7th grade, when I chose a pair of bright jade green Liz Claiborne frames that bore a striking resemblance to the ones Sally Jesse Raphael wore, but in red.  I thought they were cool, until a friend pointed out the uncanny resemblance.  I was stuck with those suckers until my mom finally allowed me my first pair of contact lenses in 9th grade.  Since then I've only ever worn contact lenses, and only wore my glasses at night before bed time.  But these frames have finally gotten me to trade in my contacts.  I couldn't be happier with them, and even with my bad prescription and the special lenses they had to put in, they are still nice and light weight and aren't geeky thick.  Thanks so much for all your help in helping to pick this pair.  You guys are neat :)

Yes, I wear glasses.  No, I'm not trying to be hipster; I actually need them.  Classic.  Linking up with Lindsey and Jill

Monday, January 16, 2012

This Is What I've Got

Hi everyone, so sorry I've been a little absent in the comments section and in posting the last couple of days.  I've been really sick and haven't had much energy to do much of anything besides watch a crap load of TV and read magazines.  Do you have any idea how cheap magazine subscriptions are nowadays?  For $36 I have now subscribed to Lucky, Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire and Allure.  Three of those are for 2 year subscriptions by the way.  How are they even making money with those figures?

Even with sicknesses and such though, life still goes on doesn't it?

I managed to make it to church and got Art to cover me in the child care room.  It felt so good to be back after missing 3 weeks and the message was so perfect.  Our Pastor at one point referenced how people have been trying to tear down the word of God for 2000 years and yet it still stands.  To that I said a big fat Amen, especially after hearing/reading so many disparaging things online these last two weeks about Christianity.

Related to that, I got in a fight with a 22 year old on Twitter Saturday night over Tebow of all things.  Awesome right?  My maturity at times knows no bounds.    

After church I snuck off to the flea market for a couple of hours, in search of a coffee table like this:
 and a side table like this
But came up short.  I did find some colorful beaded baubles that I plan to restring and a solid bronze elephant for $20, but no swanky glam glass tables.  There were however, a plethora of mid-century consoles available.  Enough in fact to completely furnish the offices of Sterling Cooper, with a few left over for Don's crappy bachelor pad. 

In other news, we discovered that the garage has termites, so for now are waiting to get it treated before we can hang dry wall.  Awesome little $750 gouge in our budget.

I mentioned that I watched a ton of TV this past weekend, primarily I watched HGTV House Hunters International and the OWN Network.  Oprah's Next Chapter series is SO good!  I saw the Steven Tyler, Chris Christie and Joel Osteen episodes.  Each one was so fascinating.  I am still tired and sick so that's about all I have to say about that.  One descriptive word.  Sorry folks, the well is running a bit dry here.

I came across these lovely prints and want a few of them, especially this one
 and this one
I finally ordered my Warby Parker's and got them in.  I love them and haven't taken them off since Thursday.  Hopefully I can muster up enough energy tomorrow to do shoot an outfit post wearing them.

We went to my uncle's funeral today and it was sad, of course.  It was even more sad that it had been years since I had seen so many of my cousins, and that it had to be under such bad circumstances.  I almost wish I would have brought my camera to take pictures with some of them because who knows when the next time I'll see them is.  But then I thought that might be very weird and awkward so I left the camera at home. 

And that's about it guys.  Oh I do have one more thing.  You know, I'd have a few thousand dollars at this point if I got a quarter for every time I heard Taylor yell "Mom!  Syd hit me with his light saber!"   He received his first light saber for Christmas this year and hasn't stopped torturing his sister with it ever since.

And with that I'm crawling back into bed and hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better.

Good night guys!

Saturday, January 14, 2012

On Trend For Less - Loft vs. Equipment

Good morning friends.  A little unexpected post from me this morning, but I just wanted to share a cute top I came across this morning via my Facebook feed.

This long sleeve striped Equipment blouse has been popping up all over style blogs, most recently seen on Atlantic Pacific.  I love collarless silhouette and front pocket.  What I don't love is the $248 price, and chances are this pretty color combination will never make it to the sale racks in a couple of months, surely selling out to young girls that don't have college tuition to save for.
This cute Loft polo caught my eye though for a much more affordable price of $32 (on sale in stores and online today at 40% off).  Of course it's a completely different silhouette and it's made of polyester, not washed silk, but you still get the fun on-trend striped color combination as the Equipment blouse, at a much more affordable price. 

I wanted to share this with you because this is what I often do; I see an item that I love, but is often times out of my price range, and search for something that mimics it, at a more affordable price.  When I stumbled on the Loft top this morning I immediately thought of the Equipment blouse, and so I just had to let you in on how my styling mind works sometimes.

And now that I've done my good deed for the day, I shall go back to bed ;)  Have a great weekend
everyone!  Oh and apparently it's National Delurking Day, so please leave a comment below to say hi and let me know you're out there :)  I'd love to hear who you are, where you're from, and what posts you enjoy reading the most.  Commenting is such an important part of the blogging process and community, and it's a good way to let me know what I'm doing right/wrong and what you guys respond to.  So please say "hey, what's up lady?"  I'd love to hear from you. 

Friday, January 13, 2012

Thoughts of the Week - Aging Gracefully

While searching for the secret to younger looking skin, I came across this article recently of Iris Apfel in In the Gloss. Admittedly I didn't know much about Iris, only seeing her and those iconic glasses making brief appearances in issues of Vogue and Bazaar every now and then. But the opening line of the article intrigued me and so I had to read on. Here are a few of Iris' brilliant little quips on aging, beauty routines, and what it was like to be asked by the makeup giant MAC to help create a new line of intensely colored lipsticks.  The last one has got to be my favorite.

(you can read a little more about Iris and her amazing life here and see her crazy busy apartment here)

"Getting older ain’t for sissies, I’ll tell you...You have to push yourself when you’re older, because it’s very easy to fall into the trap. You start to fall apart—you just have to do your best to paste yourself together. I think doing things and being active is very important. When your mind is busy, you don’t hurt so much."

"I don’t do very much for beauty. I use very simple things on my skin. I haven’t got time. I would always get facials, and then come home laden with product, and pay a lot of money and never use it." 

"I’m not good at putting on makeup, but you have to be a moron not to be able to put on lipstick. Now since I’m older, I don’t do my eyes anymore because when you’re older, your eyelids wrinkle. If you use blue or green, and you’re not really expert, you end up looking like a turtle."

"When MAC asked me to do a collection, I was thrilled and flattered. I never thought I’d be doing this; it’s like some sort of an insane, psychedelic dream.  I worked with them and we picked colors, and I told them the kind of colors I liked—I like bright, intense colors...If you have a little rosebud mouth, maybe for young girls it’s nice—but older women need some color. I think those whitish lips on older women look insane."

"I’m very opposed to plastic surgery...I think it’s very painful, very expensive, and having been in hospitals as much as I have, subjecting yourself to surgery when you don’t need it is not a smart thing to do. But what do I know? I mean, almost everybody does it. I think if women put some more of the time and money they put on their heads in their heads, they’d be better off. I mean, nobody’s going to think you’re thirty-two, so what’s the point?

I think about aging a lot.  Not so much in a beauty age-defying way (despite my post earlier in the week), but more in a mathematical, calculating sort of way.  For instance I calculate how many years we have to save before retirement sets in, and what will that retirement look like?  If Art's 65 when he retires, how many years does that leave us to travel with ease and free of aches and pains?  I look at the people I deliver meals to every week for the last 9 months and I wonder if I'll be more like Lester who, pushing 90 is still spry, at least in mind, or will I be more like Viola, saying a weekly prayer that the Lord will take her to heaven?  I wonder when my own walk will no longer be my own, replaced with the old people shuffle, the point where your heels no longer lift up so care-free, and are instead glued to the ground so that they simply just shuffle you around from place to place.  And even going beyond thinking just about "old age", I also do calculations of what the likelihood of entering the workforce again in 5, 6 years if I were to have another child.  Do companies still hire 40 year olds? 

Of course I know that with aging comes wisdom and knowledge and life-experience that can really only be acquired by age, but admittedly my view on aging at this point in my life is somewhat distorted.  Reading about women like Iris though is quite inspiring.  Maybe Carmen is right, it really is all about a positive attitude.  All this reminds me of an episode of Oprah's Life Class I watched a while back on aging.  The whole episode was brilliant, but it was her closing statement that inevitably brought me to tears for some reason.  At 57 I hope to remember this.  And as positive as Carmen is, I will say that the only thing she inevitably always complains about every single week, without fail, is that the older she gets, the less her kids and grandkids call.  May I always remember to call and please God let them call me!  Anyhow, here's the clip.  What is it about Oprah that makes you just say "Yes!  Exactly!"?  Happy weekend friends.     

Why Oprah Says Aging Is a Blessing
Oprah doesn't dread birthdays—she sees them as a blessing. Watch to find out how owning your age can help you step into the fullness of your life.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Home Goals

Aside from the skincare goal I shared with you on Monday, to get better skin and look ten years younger within a month, my main goal this year is to conquer this house.  Oh this house.

Let me preface this post with the simple statement that I know I don't live in squalor by any means, despite how I may talk about my frustrations with this house.  I know we are lucky to have our home and quite frankly I get uncomfortable talking about this house and my vision for it because I worry that I sound like a whining ungrateful suburbanite, when all I really want to do is have this house live up to its potential and create a home that we can happily function in and be comfortable in.   And let me say we loved our last house.  Almost up until the day we decided to sell we were doing things to that house to improve it, many of which we did ourselves.  We brought both our kids home from the hospital to that house.  Aesthetically we loved its unique characteristics and its vast storage space.  It was hard to leave that house and when we got to the new one, quite frankly I think we were burnt out from constant home improvements in the prior house to dedicate the time and energy this new one deserved.

But that's going to change in 2012.  We both feel that now is the time to create the home that reflects us as a family, and we feel refreshed and energized to dedicate the time and resources it's going to take to get there.  We've spent the last two years looking around, scratching our heads and feeling perplexed as to what to do.  Afraid of making any mistakes, wasting any time or money we simply did nothing.  In April last year, still undecided, we took the backyard on because we at least knew what we wanted there.  But now we're ready to tackle the inside, because even in California you can only spend so much time in your backyard.
  • The overall goal of this house is to first and foremost improve functionality by gaining more storage and work space.  After living in the house for 2 years we have realized that we don't necessarily need more space, we just need to use the space we have much more efficiently than we currently are doing. 
  • Goal #2 is to make it our own.  Hang artwork, place interesting pillows, area rugs, and decorative objects that represent us.  In other words all those finishing details that make a house a home.  Fun, quirky, traditional but with a modern flair, we want the house to feel warm, inviting and have a sense of humor to it. 
The list broken down by room looks like this:

Master Bedroom - create a calming yet functional room where we can rest and refresh, not just a place to sleep in.

     Recover window seat cushion
     Hang artwork
     Get a bedskirt to cover the underside of our bed
     Install some sort of overhead lighting so we don't trip on things at night on the way to the lamp
     Install swing lamps on either side of bed
     Find new nightstands that would offer more storage since we lost a dresser in the move (doesn't fit)

Kids Rooms - place the last finishing touches on them

     Order and install closet doors (same goes for linen closet)
     Replace ceiling fan in Syd's room

Entryway - create a landing zone that is functional yet still inviting and manages to be clutter free
     Ideas include hanging hooks, adding a secretary that could hold mail and paperwork & be closed up at
     night, and a single chair instead of the bench with some type of storage cubbies next to it.

Living Room - this room probably requires the least in finishing touches even though the list seems long, I really want this room to have the most impact though since it's the first room you see when you walk in.

     Area Rug
     Reupholseter chairs
     Make pillows in coordinating fabrics
     Get rid of that piano and figure out where to put the keyboard (perhaps in the corner)
     New coffee table - thinking a glass top with gold gilded frame perhaps from flea market
     Replace that stupid fluorescent light with recessed lights
     Guitar stand for Art's guitar which for now sits upright in its ugly case
     Find actual furniture feet to replace those ridiculous furniture mover pads with

Bar Area - create a secondary eating and arts & crafts area for the kids, primarily to preserve our dining room table

     Install pendant lighting

Family Room - this room has the most potential for design impact, centered around the aqua couch

     Area Rug
     Make pillows in coordianting fabrics
     Replace ottoman
     Hang artwork
     Move buffet over to become media storage and hide those stupid cords!

Dining Room - the grass cloth and shutters are our most recent addition and instantly made the room feel warmer.  It also made the old beaten up dining room table and dated ceiling fan really stand out like a sore thumb

     New dining room table
     Install a built in hutch to hold china up top and hold kid's craft supplies on the bottom
     Replace ceiling fan with new chandelier
     Area Rug

Office - it's any wonder I'm ever hit with any type of creativity juice working in this dreadful set up.  the room works as an office for both Art and I, a guest room, storage room for laundry baskets and a vacuum, all our important bills and filing system, and stores all the kids and my craft supplies.  This room is severely overworked and needs a break.

     Knock out closet to create more space
     Get rid of Queen size bed and replace with a daybed for overnight guests
     Build a dual desk for Art & I that runs the length of the wall
     Hang monitors on the wall for more desk space
     Create a working craft island/cut table for me
     Organize all craft supplies

Garage - this space has caused the most amount of stress for Art and I and also caused the most fights.  I hate, hate, hate the garage and I hate living like this.  I look inside and I think we're too young to have so much crap!  Since we lost square footage in this house when we moved, several pieces of furniture didn't fit and so we shoved them in the garage, hoping to sell or use them one day.  Then things just kept getting shoved in there and as Art said "it's already a mess so what's the point in trying to keep it clean?"  I'm thrilled to report though that last Friday we ordered one of those pods that's delivered to your house.  Everything has been cleared out of the garage and all the shelving has been ripped out as of last weekend.  This weekend Art will start the process of dry walling.   

     Hang drywall and paint
     Hang cabinets and work bench for Art
     Seal the floor (we did this at our last house and it makes such a difference in the look & feel of the garage)
     Buy a ping pong table and have fun!
Of course there are other little odds and ends that we'd love to do some day like replace the floor in the kitchen with hardwood and build a proper mantel for the fireplace, but for now this is what we want to tackle this year.  I don't know if we'll even get close to all of it, but if we could at least conquer the garage and the office, I'd be very, very happy.

When I look at the pictures I took yesterday of some of the rooms, especially our own room, it makes me sad that we've basically spent the last two years paralyzed out of fear to make any decisions, and so in a sense we've lost out on 2 years of creating a home that we could feel happy and proud with.  I know that's a little dramatic sounding and all, but you know what I mean.  I'll show you an updated progress report of the garage next week.  It blew my mind when I saw how much he accomplished in a weekend, all on his own.  And so now for your viewing pleasure I'll share with you our home...I think it's the first time I ever have shared this much here on the blog?

Our master bedroom has a very cool slanted ceiling above our bed and it feels very cozy sleeping underneath it, especially when it rains.  We need to take advantage of it and hang some pretty antique framed artwork, more rustic looking nightstands and I'd love to hang swing lamps on the wall instead of table top lamps.  Our duvet is simple and clean, which I like and the red quilt is left over from Christmas.  I would love to recover the bench seat in a romantic yet bold pattern to offset the plainness of the bedding.    
I seriously can't believe I've looked at this thing for 2 years.  I really don't know why I just haven't removed the pad and left it empty.  Oh I know, because there was no more room in the garage!
This wall and dresser looks so pitiful.  And that artwork on the floor?  It's been there since the day we moved in 2 years ago.  God forbid you put a nail in the wall and change your mind down the road and have to putty the hole.
We installed these Martha Stewart for Home Depot closet systems in both the kids rooms and we love them.  Now some doors would be nice.   
This house had zero linen storage up until 2 months ago when we knocked into part of Syd's closet and built this one.  Again, a door would be a nice finishing touch don't you think?
I'm thinking a secretary on the wall where the mirror is so we can dump mail and school paperwork, and then close it up so we don't have to look at it.  Move the red piece over to where the bench is and place a slim single chair next to it, instead of the bench and then hang some hooks above it?  Still trying to figure this are out.  
There is way too much red going on here, between the coffee table and the red cherry floors and the chairs.  The area rug in here is crucial I think.  It will break up a lot of the red tones. 

We bought these chairs years ago for $300 each at Macy's.  They recline and are so comfortable, no use wasting them.  I have a very cool bold graphic stripe picked out.  
We love the grasscloth so much and this picture really doesn't do it justice.  Once the grasscloth was hung though, it made that stupid ceiling fan stand out like a sore thumb.  The buffet is moving under the TV and the plan is to have a built in hutch built for added storage.  We've got to go vertical to gain as much storage as possible.
Oh this office is so sad.  This is the view as you walk in.  There is so much furniture in there it feels like a tunnel.  We have the queen bed from when my mom used to spend the night all the time when I was working full time.  It's now no longer needed and will free up a ton of space in here.
I have no idea where this desk even came from.  One day a few months back Art declared he needed his own computer here at home and so he moved the bed in the corner (it was previously in the center of the room) and brought in this hideous beast of a thing.  
Notice how small and petite my desk is, made even more quaint by the printer encroaching in on my feet every time I sit down.  Feels so cozy though! ;)
And this my friends is where I hold my vacuum, laundry baskets, sewing machine, fabric, paper and jewelry supplies and kids aft supplies.  Talk about a hard working closet!  Oh these pictures make me cringe.  No wonder it feels like a chore sometimes to craft.  
And I saved the best for last...the garage.  Get ready for it...wait for it, wait for it, man this is so embarrassing
BAM!  Here you go. 
This is the American dream isn't it?  
To have so much crap you can't see the backside of the wall?
The idea to get the pack rat was in fact brilliant though.  We were trying to figure out the logistics of how we were going to take everything out, organize and have a garage sale during January when the weather can be unpredictable.  Art finally had the idea to rent a pod so we could have a month to do the job right the first time, and it has been the best thing we could've done.  I can't wait to show you guys the progress pictures next week. 
Linking up to the Nester's Home Goals Party
I'm also linking up with Jules' William Morris project, because the garage alone screams William Morris.  Go check out her series, it's been incredible.  


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