Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Style Inspiration - Sorbet & Macaroon

{Alice & Olivia images via Style.Com, Polaroid borders created by me using Pugly Pixel extras}
In between editing images last night from our trip, I browsed around Style.com and began to get inspired by Spring 2012!  It's just around the corner, and the temps here in southern California this week tell me so; high 70's all week baby.  Of course we'll hit our usual cold spell come February, but until then I'm really enjoying these images from Alice & Olivia and J.Crew's spring 2012 collections.  Still lots of color, but more muted, softer, paler shades of sherbet, pistachio and lemon.  They remind me of pretty macaroons or ice cream flavors.  And I'm in love with all the capris and midi skirts.  I can't wait to use these images to inspire some of my own style posts in a couple of months.   

And I'm not sure what's come over me, but I've suddenly been hit with a bit of blogging inspiration myself and brainstormed some fun posts for the coming weeks; posts that are both helpful and interesting (I hope - maybe I shouldn't over promise anything).  At any rate, it's the new year and I'm feeling refreshed!  Helping to get me a little more motivated to have fun here are the Pugly Pixel extras I recently signed up for.  For $5 you get 30 day unlimited access to her fantastic Photoshop gadgets, like the tinsel brush I used to create the Happy New Year lettering in this post, and the Polaroid borders for this post.  Go check her out if you're interested in some top-notch, fun and quirky extras.  Have a great Tuesday folks!  Off to do a little Meals On Wheels delivering and then to finally return some things at the mall.  
{J. Crew images via Style.Com, Polaroid borders created by me using Pugly Pixel extras}

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