Saturday, January 7, 2012

366 Days of Style

It's hard to believe that it's been two months since Camp Mighty, but it has.  I mentioned in one of my recap posts how inspired I was with ideas, and this my friends was one of them.  The idea of a daily year long photo challenge was not a new concept to me, but it was the way Lisa Congdon spoke about hers that clicked with me.  An avid collector, Lisa decided to begin a photo collection of all her collections.  It was so brilliant that it was later turned into a book titled A Collection a Day.  (Lisa also started a new challenge this year - 365 Days of Hand Lettering). 

It was this idea of shooting a specific subject, or category, that struck a chord with me.  See, the idea of taking a photo a day had always appealed to me, but to just take a photo, any photo seemed too overwhelming a task to have to choose.  But to narrow it down to a specific category, that I could accomplish.

And so of course my subject, or category of subjects would naturally be my closet, and maybe even closets of others.  I have always been intrigued by women's style choices, especially when they're things that I may have personally passed on, but when I see them on other women I fall in love with them.  It's seeing style through each women's own lens of uniqueness and creativity that always inspires and excites me.

So for my personal photo challenge I will be taking pictures of many of the items within my own closet; shoes, accessories, pants, jackets, shirts, and talk a little bit about each of them.  Why I chose them, why I love them, even why I hate them and regret making the purchase.  I originally intended to keep this project for my style blog back when I thought it would be launched by January 1st.  When that didn't happen I almost scrapped the idea, but I kept coming back to it and my excitement for the actual project didn't wane, so I'm continuing with it.  When the style blog does launch, I will transfer each entry over there and resume the challenge on the style site only.  In the mean time I'll post weekly recaps here.  I hope you enjoy this fun new project as much as I do.  The first week was fun to hunt through my closet and pick things to shoot.

Day 1 - Carolee Faceted Jet 72 inch necklace - purchased 5 years ago from Nordstrom, this is the best jewelry purchase I've ever made and it's a reminder to not be so cheap when it comes to classic statement pieces.  Last seen here.

Day 2 - St. John cropped boucle 3/4 sleeve jacket - I sold most of my old St. John clothes to consignment but I kept a few pieces including this one.  I remember all the girls in the office had it after Angelina Jolie wore it in an ad.  I think I need to work it back into my wardrobe soon.

Day 3 - Best purchase of the year, hands down.  Last seen here.

Day 4 - My favorite jacket.  Soft leather, beautiful coloring, basic enough to remain a classic, yet updated enough with gold zippers and quilting to still look very current.  Last seen here

Day 5 - If there were a competition this year to see who scored the best vintage deal at an estate sale, I would win in a landslide.  Now if only it would rain some more.

Day 6 - Given to me by the Blog Sugar speakers, this scarf quickly became my favorite go-to accessory for many looks, last spotted in the Grand Canyon.

Day 7 - My only regretful purchase of the year.  Things were going swell with me and my Old Navy red jeans until I forgot to not put them in the dryer and BAM!  They retaliated on me and shrunk six ways to Sunday, making me feel like a Vienna sausage trying to squeeze into them, and then once they were on, they made me look like I was waiting for a flood.  In 2012 I vow to not be so cheap and wait till I can buy the pair I want.  They sure were cute while they lasted though...   

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