Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Tipping Points

{Blouse: American Apparel; Sweater: Marshall's; Jeans: Old Navy; Booties: Target; Purse: Kate Spade}

Like many ladies, I'm a list maker.  Lists of things to do, both daily, weekly and "big picture"; grocery lists, project lists, blog post lists, and on and on.  Each season I also make a list of clothing items I'd like to purchase.  As I've said before, a chambray shirt was on the list, as well as a gray sweater.  In case you're wondering what else is on my list for fall, it's a pair of bright colored loafers and a pair of black jeans.

So anyhow, in consideration of budgets and time constraints and gas guzzling cars, I stopped into Marshall's and my local neighborhood Loft yesterday  instead of visiting South Coast.  The Loft had a pretty gray sweater for $69.  It was a nice nubby knit with a snazzy zipper at the neckline.  It was also most definitely out of my budget.  I'll spend $69 for a pair of jeans, but not for a sweater.  I don't even like sweaters that much.  I have really sensitive skin and most sweaters itch me.  So I passed on it.  I then went next store and found this cute little sweater for $16.99 at Marshall's, which is way less than I expected to spend, and it's made out of a cotton knit instead of wool so it doesn't even itch me!

We all have our different tipping points.  For me, I don't necessarily need a high-end, high-quality sweater, while others wouldn't dream of wearing anything but cashmere.  While I'd love to be able to buy nothing but high-end quality pieces to add to my wardrobe, it's just not feasible.  Sometimes you just want to go to Marshall's and buy a cute and cheap sweater and be okay with it only lasting a season.  So tell me, what's your tipping point item?  What makes you want to splurge and invest, and what makes you want to just go the cheap route?  Oh, and these are the very first pair of shoes I've ever bought from Target too.  Not too bad comfort wise although they are quite high!  Linking up with Lindsey & Momma Go Round

p.s. I love the conversation going on for the Project 2011 post!  Thank you for all the great feedback and sharing what works for you and your families.  I am soaking it all in so thank you so very much!

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