Monday, October 10, 2011

Tricks & Treats & Kinks

I would have told you all I would be gone for a few days but the paranoid side of me said "don't tell the internet you're going on vacation and leaving your house alone for 3 days!"  Yes, I tend to be cautious that way not because you, my readers are thieves, but because somewhere out there thieves exist.  It was just how I raised.  My dad taught us to never leave empty boxes out on the curb for the trash man that would reveal some new hi-tech gadget purchase, lest you attract the robbers.  Anytime we purchased a new VCR or even a new coffee maker, he broke down those boxes into such small pieces they were unrecognizable and stuffed them way down to the depths of the trash can.  If he's ever driving around a neighborhood and sees an empty flat screen box on the curb, it takes all his strength not to pull over, get rid of the evidence and give the home owners a lecture about tempting the devil.

But anyhow, I guess it's safe to tell you all that we went to San Diego for a few days since Taylor had the week off from school.  We visited La Jolla and went to the Wild Safari Park and Legoland and got back late Friday night so we wouldn't miss soccer.  We were exhausted but it was a great trip.  I took hundreds of pictures and while I sort through those, I thought I'd share a few pictures from around the house.  We spent Saturday afternoon putting up what was left of our Halloween decorations after so many of them were destroyed by the rat bastard mouse.  Which by the way, I'm certain is dead somewhere in our garage.  The bait was taken and now I could swear there's a faint smell of a shriveled up dead mouse in there.  Art's on excavation duty this week...
We spray painted pumpkins for the first time this year. And these bones and skulls are a new addition this year too.
We painted a house a few weeks back, and this is the new color of the mantel, after we painted it off white right before Christmas.  Quite the transformation from last year at this same time.
So that's how things are looking around here.  Each year I seem to get more and more into Halloween after being a stick in the mud for so long.  I guess my in-laws have completely rubbed off on me :)  So do you go all out for Halloween or just sail right past it?

In other news, there were supposed to be some exciting things happening on the blog here today, but due to some kinks and a mini vacation on my part, the excitement will be waiting until tomorrow.  Please come back though to see what I've been cooking up!

See you guys tomorrow! Linking up with Thrifty Decor Chick's Outdoor Spaces Party


  1. you make me want to decorate my house! but i never decide on what I want to do until it's 3 days before and then it's too late!
    it looks great and i LOVE the black pumpkins!

  2. Wow you go all out! Super cute! Glad you had a fun trip. You need a relaxing weekend after all that blog sugar awesomeness. : )

  3. I'm not a fan of Hallowe'en, but mind you, I wasn't big on Christmas, and now I go decorating-crazy!!

    Your decorations look fantastic!! Great job!

  4. want to come decorate my house my boys would be stoked to see all those skeletons hangin' around. i would be too!

  5. Love your decorations. I am easing into it after resisting for so long. Growing up I was from one of those "Halloween is the devil's holiday" super religious families, so I am just getting used to the idea of "celebrating" it.

  6. Those decorations are freaking awesome! I bought two mini white pumpkins but nothing like what you've done!

  7. LOVE all this spooky fun!! you've really got some fun pieces, love the fancy skeletons;)

    we string orange lights at the street window, and i have a vintage inspired trick or treat banner hung across a kitchen corner:) we host "fright fest" here, watching a scary movie or two each week. so fun! xo

  8. Wow! Your Halloween decor is fantastic! I'm envious. I always want to decorate/go out/dress up each year, but it never seems to happen. However, this year we'll be off on a lovely vacation, so I'm not too upset! But it did pain me to see all of the awesome Halloween items on sale and know that I had no reason to purchase them!


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