Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thoughts of the Week - Perfect Parenting

Parenting and being a kid isn't always perfect, but sometimes it can be.  We hosted movie night for the first time last night and as someone said, it was "magical".  Just one of those truly perfect, idealic nights that make you feel so blessed you're on this journey, and so happy to have good friends to share it with.  The kids watched It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, many of them for the first time.  They were absolutely entranced the entire time.  And while the movie rolled the parents actually had a chance to relax and carry on a conversation.  What a concept ;) 

Happy weekend friends.  Off to Nana's house for another one of her magical Halloween parties.


  1. So much fun! "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" is one of my faves. My girls love to watch it. The kids are look so into it. Just adorable. :)

  2. what a cute idea!! the backyard looks gorgeous!

  3. beautiful, andrea. i hope your entire weekend was as magical as that movie night.

    and hooray for the great pumpkin, one of my faves! love to you, happy new week! xo

  4. Oh, Jordan and I went to see that movie in a local pumpkin patch last weekend, and it was so fun! :) These pictures, by the way, are just perfect... You captured the night so well, and the looks of awe on the kids' faces... just wonderful! Really love these photos!

  5. That looks like a great and magical time. I love all of the kids' faces. The Great Pumpkin is one of my favorites.


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