Monday, October 27, 2008


The other day while I was going through pictures I came across this video of Taylor when she was just a little over 2 and I almost started crying. I cannot even remember her talking like that in that cute little voice. I realized that although it is such a cliche, this time truly does go so fast. Aside from the videos and pictures, so many of these memories will be lost in our brains among all the tedious day to day bits of information we tend to get bogged down with.

We really are the gate keepers if you will to our own family story; the traditions, the favorite songs, the favorite books, cute little mannerisms, etc. There is this cute little story that I think I may actually remember, or it could just be that I have been told the story so many times that it is burned into my brain. While vacationing at Lake Tahoe with my mom and dad and Aunt Tula and Uncle Louie, I was instructed to walk next door to their cabin and ask for lemon juice. Because of my lisp, not helped by the fact I had prematurely lost my 2 front teeth, I asked over and over, to no avail for "emon huuuice". My Aunt Tula told me that story EVERY time I saw her and although I thought it was a little annoying at the frisky age of 16, I keep that story tucked into my memory and will always cherish it.

I would like to dedicate this post to Sydney. My spunky, feisty and oh so cute little guy. At 17 months he is now starting to really try and say many words (waffle is one of his new favorite words!). He still loves to get his groove on and is just so gosh darn adorable. The one thing that has always held true for my Syd is that he feels and shows his emotion with all his heart. When he is mad, he is mad; but when he is happy, he makes you a true believer in the almighty God because only He would have the capacity to make a creature so magnificent.

I love you so much my little Sydney. From the top of your curly blonde hair to the bottoms of your chubby feet and everything in between. I love your walk, your dance moves and most of all your laugh.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The last few days in pictures

Because I am still not able to easily put titles on my pictures, you will have to follow the numbers to know what's what! 1. Halloween Cookie Decorating 2, 3, 4. Fun at the pumpkin patch 5. Singing Happy Bday to cousin Annalina 6. the felting craft we made today at Maple Cottage School Video is of Taylor at Applesauce Music Enjoy!

On the Mend

What a week it has been! last friday Sydney came down with a horrible cold combined wtih the stomach flu! He threw up multiple times that day and my mom and Art did a wonderful job taking care of him, poor bubba. I had to work that day so missed the puke fest!
I got my payback though on Sunday night. Taylor and I had went to visit my friend Jenn who now has a very cute baby bump (I think she's about 24 weeks along), and Taylor started complaining that her tummy hurt. We packed up and after just about 5minutes in the car she started throwing up. We stopped at the gas station where I had to change her and she threw up again! It was a gross mess. She continued to throw up multiple times throughout the night and we had to was everything! about 5 sets of pj's, the comforter, towels, you name it.
Art and I came down with the stomach flu Monday night and had to call in sick the next day. Tuesday was a rough one. Syd was back to puking and was a complete NIGHTMARE!

I have officially become a germ freak now. I went to Target and bought a bunch of anitbacterial wipes as to clean every surface in public that my children touch! I cannot handle Sydney being sick all winter long.

The worst part of the whole thing is that we had to cancel our trip to visit my BFF Lea in AZ. :( We had it planned for months to come out but between the kids not being up to the 6 hour trip and Art having to catch up on lost time, there was no way we could swing it. Sorry Lea!

I will be back later to post some pics from last weekend and music class.

Friday, October 10, 2008

My Rock and ways to be frugal?

Well the news everyday just keeps getting more and more unsettling. Yesterday I got home and opened the mail only to see that in the last month alone we had lost an obscene amount of money in our money market account (obscene to us anyhow!) and this morning the Dow has dropped below 8,000 and may end the day in the 7,000 range. I am officially depressed about the economy.

Although right now we are doing fine, aside from the money market account, it is the future that looms ahead that is most scary. I am officially going to put our spending on hold and do my best to be frugal. I am so thankful to have my wonderful husband Art that has not only provided us with 2 wonderful children, but a great life as well. He has worked so hard starting up his company all on his own and we have been able to buy a great house and live comfortably. This morning I called him to vent my worries and after we hung up the phone this is the email he sent me:

Minnie, we are both highly educated people with amazing skill sets. And no matter what… have faith in God that he will provide everything we need.
Keep you head up and try not to let the automatic worry set in!

I love you Art!

With everything going on now though I feel guilty in a way and need to reign it in and save some money! Below are some ideas I have:
-Starbucks and Daily Grind coffee runs need to stop! Okay, maybe just once a week :)
-Eat at home more. We do pretty good, eating at least 4 meals a night at home, but we could definitely do better
-Kid's classes. The kids are in some pricey classes (Applesauce music is $250/semester). Instead, there are plenty of things to do with kids that cost $0, or very minimal costs. Get back to library storytimes and parks/rec classes.
-Of course the big one is to cut down on shopping, especially for the kids. They have enough clothes already! And those spur of the moment trips to Target can break the bank everytime!

What other ideas does anyone have???

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Syd bumped his head and nap time updates

Well it happened today. For the first time one of my children has fallen out of their crib. I had always heard the stories of parents sleeping and hearing a loud thud in the middle of the night followed by howels. We were lucky with Taylor as she never was much for climbing or trying to escape her crib.
Today though shortly after I put Syd down for his nap I heard him in there talking to himself as usual, and then a loud thump that shook the house and then the screaming. Poor guy! I ran in and he was sitting on the floor screaming...not sure how he landed. I was able to settle him down pretty quickly and he did go to sleep and is still snoozing after 2 hours. :)
It's been a rocky road to the 1 nap transition and I dare not write anything about our situation now in fear of jinxing it!
Taylor is now a no-nap girl. I actually could have easily kept the naps going but decided that after some struggling to get her down for a nap, and then after a 2 hour slumber, struggling even more to get her to bed at a decent hour, I decided to get rid of the struggles all together! She now has quiet time and/or we will lay down together for a bit and just relax, or if I am being a bad mommy, put on TV! No struggles at nap time now and no struggles at bed time (maybe just a little bit). And get this, both kids are in bed usually by 7:30 (7:45 for Taylor at the latest!). Art and I are loving it! Huge anti jinx dance with running man and high kicks!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I will try to be good...

Taylor & Mommy @ School

What's the point of having a blog if you don't update it right? I have been sorely disappointed with myself for being such a slacker, but I am making a commitment to try and be better haha! Since it's been almost 2 months since I did a proper post, I forgive the very long post that is about to follow, along with a ton of pictures....

I last left off as we were about to leave on vacation to Cambria mid-August. Well we went and had an amazing time! Cambria is in Central California right along the coast, and about 10 minutes before Hearst Castle (San Simeon). We stayed at the Cambria Pines Lodge and the place couldn't have been better. It was nestled in a pine forest about 1.5 miles above the beach, so it was a few degrees warmer than the chilly beach and breathtaking. We had a great time just wandering around their acres of gardens and winding paths. The kids had fun exploring and swimming in the pool and every morning we had a hot breakfast waiting for us in the restaurant (included in the price of the room). This was great because we didn't have to wait at a restaurant every morning with cranky hungry kids.
We saw the elephant seals one morning and went to Moonstone Beach to collect rocks, stones and sea shells. Overall it was a very relaxing trip and the kids did great. Taylor keeps asking when we are going back on bacation (she pronounces it with a b) :)

The day before we left for vacation though we took in a trip to Tananka Farms and went watermelon picking. It was HOT but we had a great time and the kids actually ate veggies!

At the end of August we enrolled Taylor in Vacation Bible School for the week and I volunteered in the classroom. I have a whole new respect for preschool teachers that's for sure! It was exhausting but a lot of fun. Taylor loved the songs she learned and loved the ice cream treats they got each night before going home. The most memorable experience of the week for me was one day when we were swimming at Skylar's house, Taylor says to me "Mom, I want to walk on water like Jesus." Wow, what do you say to that!?!?! So cute :)

In other news, Taylor started preschool! It's been 4 weeks now and the first 2 weeks were great. She ran in with no problems, but the last 2 weeks have been a little tougher. I think the novelty has worn off and she has been putting up a fight to go to school each morning. It's stressful for us but I just keep reminding myself that we're doing the right thing. After she cried a lot this morning before being dropped off, the teacher said she ended up having the best day yet. She actively participated and had a good day. I was so happy to hear that. I know she will probably continue to put up a fight each morning, but at least if she has fun once she's there, I'm happy. Pictures attached are of her first day and the balloon her friend Caroline got her to congratulate her on her first day. She was so happy!

Somewhere in between we had the 1st Annual Julian Labor Day Block Party and it was a blast. Hopefully we will get more participation next year from the block, but it was a great start.

Art is on the verge of hiring an employee which is exciting but scary too considering the economy, but we've got to move forward. Sydney is doing great! He is walking around everywhere and is such a character it's soooo cute! I can't believe how much he is growing and learning. He now can blow kisses and is starting to say a few more words.

Phew! I think that's enough for now. At least I am caught up for the most part and start fresh! Thanks for checking in.


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