Friday, October 10, 2008

My Rock and ways to be frugal?

Well the news everyday just keeps getting more and more unsettling. Yesterday I got home and opened the mail only to see that in the last month alone we had lost an obscene amount of money in our money market account (obscene to us anyhow!) and this morning the Dow has dropped below 8,000 and may end the day in the 7,000 range. I am officially depressed about the economy.

Although right now we are doing fine, aside from the money market account, it is the future that looms ahead that is most scary. I am officially going to put our spending on hold and do my best to be frugal. I am so thankful to have my wonderful husband Art that has not only provided us with 2 wonderful children, but a great life as well. He has worked so hard starting up his company all on his own and we have been able to buy a great house and live comfortably. This morning I called him to vent my worries and after we hung up the phone this is the email he sent me:

Minnie, we are both highly educated people with amazing skill sets. And no matter what… have faith in God that he will provide everything we need.
Keep you head up and try not to let the automatic worry set in!

I love you Art!

With everything going on now though I feel guilty in a way and need to reign it in and save some money! Below are some ideas I have:
-Starbucks and Daily Grind coffee runs need to stop! Okay, maybe just once a week :)
-Eat at home more. We do pretty good, eating at least 4 meals a night at home, but we could definitely do better
-Kid's classes. The kids are in some pricey classes (Applesauce music is $250/semester). Instead, there are plenty of things to do with kids that cost $0, or very minimal costs. Get back to library storytimes and parks/rec classes.
-Of course the big one is to cut down on shopping, especially for the kids. They have enough clothes already! And those spur of the moment trips to Target can break the bank everytime!

What other ideas does anyone have???


  1. The spur of the moment trips to Target alone is going to do it for me!!! Damn Target. ( what a good hubby you have! )

  2. I am so glad Art is taking care of my BFF! Love you guys:)


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