Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Good Clean Fun

{Chambray shirt - Kohl's; Skinnies - J. Crew; Shoes - Dolce Vita; Necklace - c/o The Style Bandit}
Chambray shirt got a bit of a remix today and I have to say, I feel much more me in this look than yesterday's.  all your sweet comments made me feel a bit better about the short skirt/boots combo, but I still feel better in something like this.  When I wear outfits like this, it makes me realize that the looks I pull together are by no means revolutionary, but I think that's what I love most about them.  My style's sort of a simple equation that doesn't require a lot of thought but equals good, clean, simple results.

good pants + good top + good shoes + sparse but good accessories = good clean style

Works for me.  What style equation works for you?

By the way, I've sort of taken inventory of my closet and I'm feeling pretty good about heading into fall.  I'm in a good place with not "wanting" much of anything.  The one thing I did in fact want to pick up though was a chambray shirt and I'm glad I did.  It's basic so works back to just about anything and it's a bit heavier so will serve me well in fall and winter when layered, and the lighter color will also effortlessly carry me into spring.  It's the one purchase I've made in over a month and I'm pretty happy with it.  If you've been needing a new basic shirt, consider picking up some chambray.  Linking up with Lindsey for wiww


  1. you hit the nail on the head. good.clean.fashion. crisp- nice. yep- you definitely need to come help me put outfits together. I love your style

  2. It looks like we share a love of chambray shirts.. I wear one about once a week! lol :) I would wear this entire outfit.. it's perfect! Love how you paired the shoes with the skinnies!

  3. Completely agreed. Probably because I was raised by a tomboy, I don't believe that everything is improved with the addition of a ruffle.

    Great necklace, too.

  4. I do like this outfit better.. not saying I didn't like the other one, this is just more my style (if I have a style). I don't have a chambray shirt! Always liked them, but never got one. They looks so versatile and comfy.

    This is a fantastic look on you Andrea.

  5. Thanks girls! I have to admit though that walking into the cleaners yesterday wearing this chambray shirt, I saw an old guy (easily 70) wearing the same exact shirt only about 30 years old! It still looked awesome all worn in and super faded, but it was kinda odd to be twins with a grandpa. Dude.

  6. super chic. I love how this is casual, yet very stylish.

  7. so fab! i feel like you just stepped out of a jcrew magazine!

    love it


  8. Your style equation is the same as mine- simple, classic and real! I love looking at all the uber stylish blogs- but realistically, I am a mom- and I need clothes that reflect my life!

    You look amazing, I LOVE the cropped pants!
    So cute!

  9. SUPER cute outfit girl. love it!


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