Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Week 2 Looks Promising

{dress and sweater - James Perse; purse - Louis Vuitton; necklace - Forever 21; shoes - c/o Cents of Style}
I'm guest posting, in this outfit, over at my friend Alissa's blog Rags to Stitches today.  Alissa is one of the most supportive gals out there, so I was thrilled when she asked (no one ever really asks my to guest blog for some reason).  I'm sharing a bit about how this outfit in particular is the perfect example of lifestyle dressing, and I share a fun quiz I found over the weekend while wasting time on the internet.  Please go check it out and say hi...I'll feel very lonely without you guys ;)

And I just wanted to make sure to post these pictures because look!  I'm not standing in the parking lot of my husband's office building.  2012 Goal Setting and Meeting in the house baby.  In addition to planning ahead and not standing in parking lots, I have also been on time to Pop Physique everyday in the new year (I'm always 10 minutes late), and I'm doing better about being more active in the blogging community, which reminds me, I've been responding to your comments in the comments section, and I left a few questions for some of you on yesterday's post...I'm still confused about the whole oil thing.  Have a great day ladies, and gents - Gerry :) 

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