Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Road Tripping Part Uno - The Video

For the next two days I'm going to be posting about our 5 day road trip through the Southwest, so if you have no interest in reading about the Grand Canyon or Sedona and Scottsdale, then I guess I'll see you back in a couple of days.  But of course I do hope you'll stick around.  When our friends heard we were planning this trip, many of them asked me to share as much info about lodging, sightseeing and other tips as I could, so hopefully these posts will be both informative and picturesque.

I can easily say that this was the best trip we've taken together as a family.  It's not that the trip was perfect or "amazing" in any particular way, it's just that it was simply simple.  Besides the fact that travel, especially road tripping, with kids gets easier as they get older, our destinations were truly special.  Plainly said, there's a reason why a whole genre of film was inspired by the Southwest territory; the region is just magical.  Steeped with legend, eerie mysticism and breathtaking scenery, and of course graced with one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, there's no other place like it.  We as a family were happy, peaceful, content on this trip, more than we ever have been on a vacation.  I will never forget it.     

I thought I'd start with a video montage of some of my favorite pictures, so as not to load down each post with 60 photos.  The video is set to the song of our trip, Young Blood by The Naked and Famous.  Since I can remember, Art and I have always chosen a song to go along with each trip we take.  It always happens organically after our trip, when we look back and think about what song for one reason or another stuck out in our mind the most.  For some reason this one just did; I played it over and over.  I guess I find it kind of soothing.  Also on our playlist were songs by Bibio, M83, Cake, College, Young the Giant.  After the video I'll show you a snippet of our road trip playlist, just in case you're a music nut and are into that sort of thing.  I find that we always end up bringing all these songs with us but end up only listening to about 20% of them.  I guess this is our 20% here.  Do you guys create playlists for trips too, and what are some of your favorite road trip songs?

So anyhow, here's the video...it makes me tear up each time I watch it.  It really does.  I'm such a crazy sap.  There's something so cool that I've always loved about road trips and having the people you love the most locked in a car with you for hours at a time.  It's like I have them all to myself.  Okay that sounds really weird doesn't it?  Like I'm some psycho that wants to lock up my husband and kids and stare at them all day.  Sorry, it's late and before I creep out anymore readers I better go.  Night night.

I'll be back tomorrow with more travel specifics; where we stayed, where we ate, what we did, etc.  See you then!  Oh, and I'm linking up with Heather for Hello: I Love You!

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