Monday, January 16, 2012

This Is What I've Got

Hi everyone, so sorry I've been a little absent in the comments section and in posting the last couple of days.  I've been really sick and haven't had much energy to do much of anything besides watch a crap load of TV and read magazines.  Do you have any idea how cheap magazine subscriptions are nowadays?  For $36 I have now subscribed to Lucky, Vogue, Bazaar, Marie Claire and Allure.  Three of those are for 2 year subscriptions by the way.  How are they even making money with those figures?

Even with sicknesses and such though, life still goes on doesn't it?

I managed to make it to church and got Art to cover me in the child care room.  It felt so good to be back after missing 3 weeks and the message was so perfect.  Our Pastor at one point referenced how people have been trying to tear down the word of God for 2000 years and yet it still stands.  To that I said a big fat Amen, especially after hearing/reading so many disparaging things online these last two weeks about Christianity.

Related to that, I got in a fight with a 22 year old on Twitter Saturday night over Tebow of all things.  Awesome right?  My maturity at times knows no bounds.    

After church I snuck off to the flea market for a couple of hours, in search of a coffee table like this:
 and a side table like this
But came up short.  I did find some colorful beaded baubles that I plan to restring and a solid bronze elephant for $20, but no swanky glam glass tables.  There were however, a plethora of mid-century consoles available.  Enough in fact to completely furnish the offices of Sterling Cooper, with a few left over for Don's crappy bachelor pad. 

In other news, we discovered that the garage has termites, so for now are waiting to get it treated before we can hang dry wall.  Awesome little $750 gouge in our budget.

I mentioned that I watched a ton of TV this past weekend, primarily I watched HGTV House Hunters International and the OWN Network.  Oprah's Next Chapter series is SO good!  I saw the Steven Tyler, Chris Christie and Joel Osteen episodes.  Each one was so fascinating.  I am still tired and sick so that's about all I have to say about that.  One descriptive word.  Sorry folks, the well is running a bit dry here.

I came across these lovely prints and want a few of them, especially this one
 and this one
I finally ordered my Warby Parker's and got them in.  I love them and haven't taken them off since Thursday.  Hopefully I can muster up enough energy tomorrow to do shoot an outfit post wearing them.

We went to my uncle's funeral today and it was sad, of course.  It was even more sad that it had been years since I had seen so many of my cousins, and that it had to be under such bad circumstances.  I almost wish I would have brought my camera to take pictures with some of them because who knows when the next time I'll see them is.  But then I thought that might be very weird and awkward so I left the camera at home. 

And that's about it guys.  Oh I do have one more thing.  You know, I'd have a few thousand dollars at this point if I got a quarter for every time I heard Taylor yell "Mom!  Syd hit me with his light saber!"   He received his first light saber for Christmas this year and hasn't stopped torturing his sister with it ever since.

And with that I'm crawling back into bed and hopefully tomorrow I'll be feeling better.

Good night guys!

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