Friday, December 2, 2011

Which Glasses Should I Get?

It's about time for a new pair of prescription glasses for me, since mine are coming up on 5 years old now.  I've been wearing glasses since I was in 2nd grade.  I am as blind as a bat.  For those of you that wear glasses and are familiar with prescription strengths, my prescription is -6.25 on each eye.  I can't even see the alarm clock on my nightstand each morning if I don't have my eyes on.

When I turned 13 and I got braces, my mom allowed me to start wearing contact lenses so that I wasn't the kid with braces and glasses, although now a days I don't think it would even matter since 90% of kids wear braces.  Back then though if you wore both it was pretty much a death sentence to uncoolville, and I needed all the help I could get.  I've pretty much worn contacts exclusively ever since and only use my glasses at night and in the morning before I put my eyes in.  I think if I had a pair I loved though I'd wear them a lot more.  So I ordered 5 trial pairs from Warby Parker  ($95 for a pair of prescription glasses, yes please!) to try on at home and here's what I chose.  But I need HELP guys!  I can't decide which pair I like the most, so here's where you come in.  Can you please help me decide on a pair?  I'd be forever grateful :)  Art has been of little help, so I thought since you guys did such a good job helping me pick out my birthday outfit, you'd be just as helpful in this case.  So here we go...   
First up the Thatcher.  These frames are the biggest and boldest by far, but I kinda like the statement they make, plus they are really comfortable.  But are they too much?
 The Webb is a matte frame and much smaller in comparison.  More subtle, but are they too subtle?
 The Preston has a really nice matte frame color and I like that they resemble the classic shape of the Ray Ban Wayferer.
The Japhy is probably my least favorite just because it is very similar to a pair I had about 10 years ago.  They're nice, but maybe I'm playing it too safe here.  At $95 a pair I think I can afford to have a bit more fun?
And lastly, The Sinclair is really nice too.  A larger statement but not overpowering.  The frame color is nice too.
So what do you think?  Please help a girl out because I have to send these back on Monday!  Thanks in advance all you tasteful ladies and gents.  Have a wonderful weekend!

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