Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Countdown - Bring It

Alright 24 days of Christmas - BRING. IT. ON.  I'm ready for ya. 
I like to talk like that sometimes because it makes me feel more gangsta.  But really, I'm sooo tired and feeling quite silly and lame that we worked on this advent calendar till past 11 last night.  Turns out peeling off 24 numbered labels and 24 sheets of velcro is damn hard work and flipping time consuming.  And then trying to line up 24 boxes in 6 neat pretty little rows?  Forget about it!  We had my yard stick out to get everything all precise, and at one point I just looked up at Mary and said "dude, we are crazy."  For reals yo.  
But seriously, I'm psyched to start the countdown tomorrow.  Are you?  Or are you freaking out?  Please don't say you're freaked out because then you're gonna freak me out.  And for heaven's sake please don't say that you "have all your Christmas shopping done!" in a sing-songy nasally voice because then I'll have to smack you.  I can't stand you people that do that.  Really, what's the fun of Christmas if you're not running around Target at 10 pm the day before Christmas Eve for stocking stuffers?
Come to think of it, I'm actually really psyched because if anything, I did think ahead for ONCE in my freaking life, and while at the coolest neighborhood toy store Knock Knock on Monday, gathering advent supplies, I bought the kids their stocking stuffers.  Hooray for me and not having to buy crap at Target in a heated last-minute panic.  I mean don't get me wrong, I still bought crap, but it's cool crap that I won't mind having around.  Like those lighted Rail Twirler things from when I was a kid.  Bomb diggity. 
In other gift giving news, Taylor wants this: a Barbie Carriage from 2006.  She plays with it at a friend's house and has been asking for it for months.  I started searching for carriages that matched the description she gave me and was coming up dry.  So I had her sit with me and scroll through Amazon so, you know, I could "tell Santa exactly which one she wanted" and we couldn't find it.  So then I got the idea to search You Tube for Barbie Carriage commercials because You Tube has everything, right?  Well I was RIGHT!  We watched a bunch of videos and on the 6th one she screams "That's it!".  The thing is from 2006 and Amazon has 1 left in stock and it's $69.95.  Guaranteed the thing originally sold for $34.  Do I get it though since it's the only thing she's asked for or is it a total waste of money?
And ladies, I'm sure you already have a wish list, but in case not, may I make a suggestion?  Add a Clarisonic to that list.  I got one for my birthday 8 months ago and for the most part it has been a gift that keeps on giving.  No more dry patches, cut down on little breakouts and pretty much eliminated the need or desire to get a facial.  Get it ladies.  Trust me, you won't be sorry.

Happy Festivus guys!  The countdown is officially ON!

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