Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Sparkles

 {sparkly shiny top - Banana Republic; pleated skirt last seen here - Trouve; belt - Gap; flats - Gap; 
earrings - Ann Taylor Loft; bean necklace - Tiffany; watch - Michael Kors}

Dude, I'm a mom y'all.  100% legit mom because the entirety of my outfit is from Gap, Banana & Ann Taylor Loft.  And I style my family for photo shoots in coordinating outfits.  I am a mom.  And it aint all that bad is it?  Love the way our pictures came out this year, taken by the ever talented and lovely Miranda of M. Shanti photo.  She is a good friend but she did not pay me to say that.  I paid her in fact!  Ha!  I declared on the way over to the shoot that I don't like taking family photos.  It stresses me out man.  I know, suburban mom problems.  But it does!  And then we get there and Miranda is just so relaxed and mellow and chill that you kinda can't help but relax and be chill too.  So we chilled out and took pictures.  And they were good.  And it's late and I'm rambling so I'll go now.  Happy Hump Day!  

(oh and in case you were wondering, outfits for the whole family came from a combination of Gap, Gap Kids, Mini Boden, Nordstrom and Gymboree.  Duh, did you even have to ask? ;)  linking up with Lindsey

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