Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Camp Mighty In Pictures

First off, it's not what you think, that picture above.  That nice officer was giving me an introductory class in self defense, something I have on my life list.  It taught me that a) if someone attacks me from behind I am pretty much screwed and to start praying to the Almighty and b) I have a lot of pent up aggression because I took the punching exercise a little too seriously.  The ladies that were standing around in fact looked a little scared and creeped out.  One gal came up to me afterwards and said, "So do you hit things often?"  No, but that shadow boxing class I do almost weekly does seem to in fact work when it comes to teaching form.  Our instructor did indeed say I had good form so +2 points for me :)

A friend read my post yesterday and gathered that overall I didn't love the conference.  I did love it, I'm just a sensitive baby.  I get homesick very easily, I always have, and I take things too personally.  I cry at the drop of a hat, especially when talk involves babies and/or people reaching their dreams, and playing any song by Journey seals the deal if you want to see the waterworks.  And if you look at me cross eyed I'm certain you suddenly dislike me because I did something wrong.  Like I said, I know I need to see a shrink ;)  But anyhoo, I did have a great time and got to do some really fun things, starting with taking some self-defense lessons.  I also learned to saber a champagne bottle, and if you too would like to learn this skill, watch this super awesome video.    

Not seen or captured was learning the fine art of mix tape making, the proper technique of blowing off a fire extinguisher, and making balloon animals.  One detail I didn't really get into was that each attendee was split off into a team.  I was on Team 3 and I can honestly say that I met some of the most amazing people on my team.  God always has a plan and puts you where you need to be, even when you have doubts.  I truly believe that and my team placement was proof of that.  Each team was sponsored by a major corporation, all with a charitable conscious and mission.  Our sponsor was The Ronald McDonald House and it was a pleasure and honor to get to learn more of this awesome charity.

Finally, to end this very long and verbose post, on our last day Jules and I wanted to show Nicole The Parker hotel.  So we ate an over the top decadent breakfast at Norma's and then walked around the grounds geeking out by taking a hundred thousand pictures.  Below are just a few of the ones I snapped.  And after tomorrow's outfit post, I promise I won't ever talk about Camp Mighty again ;)

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