Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Mixed Up Rider

{Chambray shirt - Kohl's; Skirt - Nordstrom Trouve; Boots - Michael Kors; Belt - Gap}
Still experimenting with the chambray shirt, this time pairing it with the very lady-like pleated midi skirt last seen here.  There's just about nothing this shirt can't do I tell you.  I do feel a little like a mixed up cowgirl though.  Chambray plus dainty pleats plus equestrian-esque riding boots make for a bit of a funky combo, but somehow I think it still all works together.  Maybe?  I don't know, maybe not, but at any rate I felt good in this look.

On another completely unrelated note, has anyone tried the bar method for a workout?  I started going to a bar-combo type class at a local place called Pop Physique and holy mackeral, what a workout.  I signed up for a 30 day session and I'm expecting perfectly sculpted buns by the end of my 30 days or I'm demanding my money back.  Not entirely true, but I am looking forward to trying something new for a change.  My body's kinda tired of just plain old Jillian so hopefully this will be a good lift to my otherwise very boring routine right now.  Wish me luck that my legs don't fall off by the end of the week!

Hoping everyone had a safe and fun Halloween and your kids aren't crashing too hard from the sugar high :)  Oh, and thank you to all those beautiful sponsors over there on the right that signed up for Sponsor for a Cause this month!  Yeow, we raised over $100!  Thanks so much for your generosity guys!  And if you still want to sign up, I'm accepting sponsors for a cause through the end of the week!

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