Monday, November 7, 2011

Lemonade & Gray Skies

This morning as she was getting ready for school, Taylor asked "Hey mom, we usually go to church on the weekends but we didn't, how come?"  Well because we had to walk for diabetes remember?  "Oh yeah, of course!  God would totally understand."  Ya, I think he would.  On top of getting to walk in the JDRF walk this Sunday at Dodger's Stadium, we also crossed something off our summer list, yes, in Fall.  We held a lemonade stand!  All proceeds went to JDRF and Charity: Water.  
Lemonade stands are fun and awkward at the same time don't you think?  You stand on the corner and try to sell your goods and trust that people will a) not be afraid that your lemonade is poisonous and b) trust that you are in fact going to donate the money.  Or maybe I'm just the only cynic out there?  Either way, people came in droves and in 2 short hours we raised almost $80!  See that guy in the picture above?  He's holding a bag full of cookies and yet he's buying one of my sugar cookies.  That's right ;)
Even Grandma and Grandpa came out to help a bit.  Papa was in charge of sign making.
 Taylor poured and poured while people happily stopped and accepted curb side service while in their car
Neighbors came out to climb fences and pull our dog's tail.  And a grumpy old guy even stopped to tell me the damn government was gonna come shut me down because I didn't have a permit!  Damn government.  I appealed to his conservative side and said "that may happen in San Francisco but that ain't happening in Orange County man!"  He seemed to like that, but he still didn't buy any lemonade. 
Sunday was a very rainy gray day yet managed to clear up for a couple of hours so we could walk the two laps around Dodger Stadium and stay dry.  The clouds and gray skies actually made for some really pretty views from the stadium.
I love the look of Downtown LA.  I know it doesn't beat the NYC skyline, but for this native Southern California girl, the downtown skyline will always mean home for me. 
An empty stadium is such a cool site.
The girl we were walking for, Miranda!
Syd is with us, he's just in the bottom part of the stroller.  And I still can't beleive at 4 and 6 my kids still use a stroller.
Although half way through the walk they got tired of sitting and started running down the hill.  I had to do the chasing while Art hung back and laughed, photographing me almost falling (which will not be shown here).  Go Blue! p.s. see the green Hunter boots I'm wearing in the photo below?  I trekked it out to Riverside for Jules' friend Helena's estate sale and I got them for $25 - brand new. 
So our fundraising is done!  $150 raised for JDRF and about $400 raised for Charity:Water!  Thank you to everyone who donated and bought ad space.  Those that bought ad space I will be contacting you shortly to line up guest posts and such.

I leave for Camp Mighty on Thursday!  I'm rooming with Jules and Nicole and I haven't decided what pj's to bring.  PJ's are kinda a big deal for sleepovers no?  I've decided on my Space Party outfit, but I still have to finish my LIFE LIST!  Ahhh!  I only have 40 items on it.  Crap I better get busy!

Oh, and have you heard of the Happy Day Project that Julie and Jeannett are hosting?  I'm taking part in it for a couple of days before I leave but I love the whole flippin concept.  Love those girls and their hearts and focus on giving, be it big or small.  Go on over and check it out, it's not too late to join!

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