Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Thanking Chambray & Leopard

{Chambray Shirt - Kohl's; Black Denim Jeans - Ann Taylor Loft; Lounge Shoes - Boden; Necklace - DIY}
It's the eve of Thanksgiving eve and I'm thankful for an afternoon spent with my daughter, free of the worries of homework or soccer practice. Games of Chutes and Ladders and "try to get me", a little boy that seems to be somewhat on the mend, and a husband that comes home to tell me to go rest while he does bedtime. I'm thankful for chambray shirts and leopard shoes. Oh! And I'm thankful for all of you of course :) While we all settle into the routine of preparing for Thanksgiving, my prayer is that we find a bit of time to ourselves to reflect on and acknowledge the many blessings we have, both big and small.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. God Bless Us Everyone! Oh wait, wrong holiday Tiny Tim!
Psst...I have a Black Friday treat for all you lovely people that are not complete loons and are spending the day at home instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to shop.  That little necklace I'm wearing is a DIY I whipped up and will give you the How-To deets on Friday.  You know in case you get bored and want to do a little crafting this weekend.  I'm here for you is all I'm saying.

And speaking of Black Friday, I saw that Forever 21 will be open on Thanksgiving.  What the bleeep/ explative?!?  Shame on you Forever 21.  And shame on you crazies that actually go shopping there on Thanksgiving.  Ok, rant over :)
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