Saturday, November 5, 2011

Camp Mighty Space Party

via Zara
The closing party on Saturday night for Camp Mighty is a space theme.  I've heard some are dressing up as aliens, astronauts, and 60's themed astronaut wives.  Pretty cool, but I know I wouldn't feel comfortable spending a night dressed like a space alien, or as Art suggested, Chewbacca.  So I chose this star printed blouse to wear.  Sort of has a celestial theme right? 
And I'm pairing it with these glitter leggings for a sort of sparkly outer space feel.  It may be a bit of a stretch, but I'm going with it.  I actually saw a girl in the mall wearing this blouse with a pair of blue jeans and it looked great, and the leggings will be fun for Christmas parties.  So I figure instead of spending money on an outfit or costume I'd never use after the party, I'd get something I'd be able to wear again.
 via Zara 
Now should I wear this look with heels or with flats? I tried it on with heels and it looked good, but I love how they look here pictured with flats.  My feet will probably thank me if I wear the flats I think ;)

Before I go, Nicole shared this post from Pugly Pixel, explaining why she turned comments off.  I have to admit I often feel the same exact way she does and it's a relief to know someone else feels the same way.  So what do you think, does turning off comments equal death for a smaller blogger?  Would you continue to read a blog if comments were turned off?

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