Monday, November 7, 2011

DIY Gold Filagree Earrings

I may have just found the easiest, least complicated jewelry DIY in the history of jewelry diy's.  Making earrings.  Yes, I know I am not the first lady to discover the art of making earrings, but it was a first for me.  If you make these earrings I promise you, you will feel all sorts of emotions including, but not limited to:
Joy at completing a project in less than 10 minutes.    
     Pride that you were able to complete said project for less than $3
     Fulfillment from actually finishing a DIY project

So here's what you'll need: 2 tiny jumprings (mine were 4mm), some sort of pretty adornment to use as the actual decorative part of your earring (I used filagree as you can see), 2 earwires, and pliers
5 steps.  How's that for easy?  Aren't they pretty?  And simple!
Perfect worn with a couple of chic and understated seed bead bracelets
I love any type of DIY, but there's something fun and special to me about creating jewelry.  Unlike a home based DIY project, it's something I can do all on my own, without the help of my husband.  I don't have to read instructions like I do with a sewing pattern, although asking questions is usually helpful and important.  It's therapeutic to me, something I can just do and completely zone out. Usually jewelry DIY's can be completed in less than a few hours, and that leaves me with such a sense of accomplishment.

And really, it takes me back to my teenage days.  One of these days I'll have to show you my bead box that I've had since I was 14 and still use today.  It has KROQ and Whittier High School stickers on it.  It reminds me of my youth, of feeling giddy over making a simple friendship bracelet, of spending hours in my old room at mom and dad's house.  Before the days of hustle and bustle and over analyzing, over critiquing all of my work and output.  It just makes me happy I guess.  And that's reason enough :)

Go to your local bead store and see what fun earring forms they have and create a special pair just for you or a friend.  It's simple, it's easy, it won't break the bank and it's made with love.  Enjoy :)

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