Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Break In Colors of the Season

a break from the colors of the season for a moment shall we?  i've been compiling inspiration images to send to Tristan for the style blog.  i think you can see what colors I'm drawn to.  soft, muted, yet saturated and festive.  while pulling inspiration and scouring images it reminds me that I wish I was a graphic designer and a color expert.  but I am neither, I just know what I like, and these images scream to me.  even during the holidays when I am surrounded by shades of berry, juniper and rich golds and platinums.  and the first shot above is the epitome of my dream style, soft, unexpected and quirky.  maybe I should have ordered the Thatchers...

today on the list, bake persimmon cookies, deliver Meals on Wheels and drop off a surprise gift for my secret sister and get a handle on my Christmas list.  what are you all up to today?
inspiration image sources were somewhat hard to find, since most of these shots were from pinterest and the original source has been dilluted so much, but I tried my best... #1  #2   #3  #4  #5  #6 #7 my lame design

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