Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Seasonal Cocktail - Clementine Margaritas

This time of year it seems I've always got clementines coming out the wazoo.  Between neighbors, CSA boxes and usual trips to the grocery store where the kids always beg for the 5 lb bag I have enough clementines to stave off scurvy for a ship full of sailors for a year.  We hosted a pre-Christmas bash last week and I put those cuties to good use, making these simple clementine margaritas for the adults. 

Apologies for the hastiness of the shots; it was 2 pm and my parents were about to come over.  I didn't want to have to explain why I was making margaritas in the middle of the afternoon.  "Why are you drinking margaritas at 2 o'clock in the afternoon Andrea?  That's not a good example for the kids.  Wait, you aren't going to drink that?  Give me that then, you can't waste good tequila!"  So here goes, all you'll need are 4 ingredients:
Start by salting your rim if you are so inclined and pour in some ice, then add in a nice shot of tequila.
Now start juicing your clementines.  For one beverage you'll need about 3, so if you're making them for a large group, I suggest getting at least a 5 lb bag and using a juicer to help the process along.
 Once you're satisfied with your juice level, add in a splash of agave and a splash of tonic water
 Give it a good stir and taste!
Garnish with a clementine twist and/or a wedge and enjoy!  This would make a great cocktail for a small New Year's Eve celebration at home with a few friends.

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