Friday, December 30, 2011

Favorites of 2011

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Greetings from Sedona Arizona friends!  We're currently on a road trip visiting the Grand Canyon, Sedona and finishing off in Scottsdale.  As a parent you sometimes think these trips you take are for the kids; to give them new experiences, open up their eyes to sights they've never seen.  But after visiting the Grand Canyon I can tell you with 100% certainty that trips like these are for us adults.  As I viewed the Grand Canyon at sunset for the first time in 17 years, tears filled my eyes and I knew that I never ever appreciated the beauty of it when I was a teenager like I did that night.  We've taken over 500 pictures in just 2 days but I don't think any of them will give me that same feeling I had seeing it again in person the other night. 

So while we're road tripping I thought I'd take a look back on the last year of the blog and share some of my favorite posts of 2011.  I feel like I came a long way this year in my blog; starting a whole DIY and Recipes section, opening up a lot more about myself, improving my photography skills, and overall just having more fun.  There were times when I was definitely discouraged about the growth of the blog, but even when I was discouraged I continued to write and post, which tells me that I'm blogging for the right reasons, because I love it.  So here we go...

Favorite Recipe Post: Grandma Tita's Spanish Rice.  While this wasn't the most popular recipe post or the best photographed (my GAWD look at how orange the rice came out!), it was my favorite because of the story I wrote with it.  This post in a way embodies some of my most fond and most awkward memories of childhood; love of family and childhood insecurity.  We ate Mexican food last night here in Sedona and Art said to me "they've got nothing on your Spanish rice."  While this rice may not look 100% appetizing, trust me it is soo good.  Try it in 2012!

Post I'm Most Proud of Writing: Letting Go of Looking Good.  In 2010 I had briefly mentioned the death of my eldest brother in a post, but it was so brief you could have missed it.  In this post I finally opened up a bit about losing my brother, and walked that fine line a lot of bloggers struggle with; over-sharing.  Later as I was writing my life list I also touched on the subject in this post.  

Favorite Style Post: Dressing For You.  I love this post not so much because of the outfit but because it had a purpose other than just to show off a cute look.  In 2011 I'd like to try and do most of my outfit posts in this way; describe why I put the look together, the thought process and even tell a story.

Favorite DIY Post: Seed Bead Necklace.  My favorite and according to Pinterest, yours too!

Favorite Family Post: Kids In the City, recapping our very first NYC trip with the kids. 

Favorite Kid's Craft: Growing Your Own Grass Eggs which were later turned into grass egg centerpieces for Easter dinner.

Thanks so much guys for a great year and for all the support, encouragement and inspiration via emails, comments, Pins and your own personal blogs.  I love the community of blogging, and look forward to a wonderful 2012 with you all!

Lots and lots of love,

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