Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Layered Comfort

{Sweater - James Perse; Leggings - James Perse; Blouse - American Apparel; Flats - Gap City Flats}
I can honestly say that it's been a year since I've worn a pair of leggings.  In a moment of weakness though I slipped these on last week and holy heck why did I ever stop wearing leggings to begin with?  Oh the comfort of them is like nothing else.  I've worn this exact outfit about 10 times in the last week, which I know is mathematically impossible, but just trying to prove a point here.

I love the proportion of the long blouse serving almost as a tunic with the lofty sweater just thrown on over it.  I really feel like this outfit achieves that whole effortlessly chic look while still being so comfortable and practical.  So what's been your go-to outfit lately now that the weather's turning?  Linking up with WIWW

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