Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY Ugly Sweater

We're back from Napa, where we had a wonderful time.  I'm anxious to share some photos from our trip, but while I download the hundreds of pictures we took on our trip, I first thought I'd share a silly little DIY I did last weekend for a fun party we went to.
Sarah had an ugly sweater Christmas party last weekend.  I initially groaned when she announced it, I'll be honest.  Adding a trip to Walmart or the thrift store for a cheap and/or old Christmas sweater was not something I wanted to add to my list of things to do.  Party pooper I know.  The more I thought about it though, the more I realized I could just make my own ugly Christmas sweater with crap I already owned, and adding it to a sweater from my closet.  I've got a box of ribbons, jingle bells and beaded garland.  Add some hot glue and a few stitches and I was Good To Go.

After giving the jingle bell bows a few loose stitches, I remembered I had these pins I could use and so busted out the glue gun and called myself a genius.  A genius in terms of ugly sweater making.  Not necessarily a genius, genius.
OF COURSE I needed a big arse bow to add somewhere on me; like a happy Christmas package all wrapped up.  Taylor voted to place it on my butt and Syd voted for my neck.  The neckline seemed much more appropriate.  Because I am a fan of the epaulettes, I knew the sweater would not be complete without a couple added.
And...TA-DA!  I know, the bow in the hair is just the icing on the cake.  Adds a nice touch doesn't it?
If you can't laugh at yourself, really, what point is there in life right?  I added some choice Christmas accessories including a festive boot necklace and jingle bell bracelet and I was set.   I felt a lot like Minnie Mouse.  Or a deranged ice skater.  People didn't quite know what to make of my ensemble.  Many looked me over a few times and asked in a hesitant voice "Did you make that?"  Well yes, yes I did.  Let's just say, luckily I am happily married because I would not be getting any dates that night looking like this.
While at Target I found some weird pixelated deer t-shirt for Art.  He thought it was cool, not ugly.  He is a goofball and weirdo.
So the next time you're invited to an ugly sweater Christmas party, don't fret!  Instead of running out to the store, grab some crap and affix it to a sweater you already own!  Guaranteed you'll be the only homemade ugly sweater wearing diva at the party ;)

So have you guys been to any fun themed holiday parties yet?

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