Friday, October 22, 2010

Style Speak - Epaulet/Epaulette

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Epaulet/Epaulette (ep`-oh-let): 1. Ornamental shoulder trim used on military uniforms, originally consisting of gold braid looped to form fringe around the edge. 2. Shoulder trim used in 19th c., very popular in 1860's. 3.Flat band of fabric, sometimes fastened with a button on shoulders of uniforms; also used on military-style civilian jackets and coats (e.g., trenchcoats). Very fashionable in 1980's on blouses, coats, dresses, shirts, and jackets.

While the detail on my Gap 1969 tunic would be more likened to definition #3, I strongly doubt (or maybe just hope) it would not be considered fashionable in the 1980's.  Think Michael Jackson/Brooke Shields era.
But rather would fit in more with today's definition of fashionable.  Throughout the Fall season you'll see a strong military, utilitarian influence on clothes with straps, buckles, and epaulettes sewn on just about any piece of clothing you can think of, including jackets, shirts and even pants.  There's a very feminine take on the military theme though, which I like.  I never want to look too masculine. 
These two jackets are adorable, but a bit of a stretch on the trend.  I don't see myself wearing these in a years time.

Instead, I see these 2 jackets having a lot more velocity and carrying me through several seasons.  Plus, a little less trendy and a little more mom-friendly.  To see a great breakdown of the military trend for this season, visit here

I hope you've enjoyed this installment of Style Speak.  Please, email me or leave a comment if there's a topic you'd like me to cover.
Happy Friday everyone!  Anyone have any plans for the weekend?


  1. Oh, I love that jacket on the bottom right... Just the right amount of trend. I have a feeling I'm going to love these posts!

  2. Love the last 2 jackets and actually scored a cinch-waist cargo jacket (similar to your pick) last year at Forever 21 for under $30!! I get compliments on that jacket all the time. Hmm, maybe I'll wear it today.

  3. Oh dear, I really love the first one best. Trendy alert! Sigh. But it's SO beautiful!

  4. I like the last two for sure. I'm all about simplified versions.
    I'm going to see "The Murder Room" at a local theater tonight. :)

  5. i love jacket number 4, the gray one. i just can't get enough of that color. yum!

  6. I'm all about the last one. We're having a Halloween party on Sunday, which means I'll be prepping all day on Sat. Happy Friday!

  7. Love em! (and I need a new jacket too...hmmm) :)

  8. Thanks for your fashion speak Andrea! I used "epaulette" in my conversation today! :P I seemed so knowledgeable! My vote is also for the last coat. Love it! It has a great silhouette, cuff on the sleeve, and color!


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