Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Post To Remind Myself That We Still Do Fun Stuff

I've been meaning to write this post for over a week now, but for some reason I always get so overwhelmed writing these sort of informative "recap" type posts.  Part of the problem is I take over a hundred pictures, and so the thought of sitting down at night, sifting through photos trying to find the best ones, editing them in Photo Shop and putting them together to tell a perfect story is a lot of bloody work.  No wonder I put it off, right?  So here is my post that is not picture perfect.

Basically to do a short little recap, we went apple picking in Oak Glen at Willowbrook Apple Farms.  We went with Syd's preschool group, and apparently this is the best farm to go picking at because of its small, quaint, non-commercial atmosphere.  I have not been to other farms so I can't attest to this, but I guess some of the other larger farms go a little overboard with the whole apple/fall theme and it gets heavily commercialized.  I mean but really, how crazy can you get with an apple picking theme?  Bottom line, it was a cute, small, super friendly family-owned atmosphere so I can only say great things about it.  Plus!  They sell $4.50 bottles of honey grown on their property, and man you should have seen this group of preschool moms eat that stuff up, myself included (I'm a sucker remember?).  They sold out of every bottle they had that day!

Besides apple picking, there's plenty of other things to do on the farm.  You can go on a crazy tractor ride, taste their own homemade jams and butters (apple & pumpkin), press cider, pet 3, yes, 3 different farm animals, and get a thoroughly informative presentation on honey bees.  Did you know that a honey bee won't die if it stings an animal, only humans?  No?  I didn't know that either!

So without further adieu, because really I know you're sick of hearing my rambling, here are the obligatory pictures featuring two children having the time of their lives.  And that is meant as a sarcastic statement because aside from a slight, and I mean slight, lip pucker on Taylor in the picture below, these kids look bored out of their minds.  But I promise they had a great time, they were just very focused on immersing themselves in the whole experience ;)
(scroll all the way down as well for my apple picking survival guide)

Apple Picking Survival Guide:
Take plenty of water and snacks
Included in the tour are caramel apples, so mothers beware
Plan to be there for a good 2-3 hours, so pack sunscreen and a lunch
There is a nice little park about 300 yards north of the farm that you can picnic at after picking
Parking is extremely limited, so be forewarned
Bring some spending money for the cute little shop featuring food and novelty items
Let me forewarn you that the apples are pricey, so count on spending about $8-$12 per bag


  1. I have always wanted to do this for the past 8 years and never have. Thanks for the tips. I just might try to bang it out before the season is over. :)

  2. Catching up with you from my brief hiatus.
    I am 41.3, and I've been known to wear a modified bow or flower in my hair on occasion.
    Never once have the fashion police pulled me over.
    You've got a while yet. Especially when you rock it the way you do.

  3. Perfect timing...we were thinking of heading to oak glen this weekend! Maybe we will go farm...

  4. gorgeous photo's of your apple picking adventure - I know what you mean about recap posts I always feel exactly the same way!


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