Monday, October 4, 2010

Winners To Be Announced

Life happened today. The good kind of life stuff though. Last day off from a 5 day vacation and I spent it huddled up at home with my boy, playing cars, making brownies, playing with power tools and reupholstering our dining room chairs (a yearly tradition in the 13 years we've had the dining set). Then I picked up my girl from school and ran home in the light mist. We baked brownies and prepped for a play date with her friend from school.

Ladies and gentlemen, I might just call in and quit tomorrow. Not really, okay maybe. It was a perfect day. I loved being at home today. Baking, burning my favorite candle, nesting, making things happy.

So all that to say, I took a break from the computer today, and blogging and picking the winners. Sorry guys. I am usually not flakey like that and actually am feeling rather guilty about it, but hey, what can I say? I hope you understand if I go ahead and just pick and announce the winners tomorrow night.

Is that okay?
I thought it would be.

Looking forward to it.
I'm also looking forward to posting a recipe this week for the easiest, cheapest and yummiest potato soup. You will be kissing my feet after I give you this recipe. Okay, maybe not. But maybe?

Toodles! Catch you on the flip side. Or tomorrow night...


  1. Okay, ready for the potato soup. No feet kissing, especially if you are wearing those oxford shoes ;)

  2. ooooh, that sounds good!!!!
    Can't wait for the recipe!


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