Saturday, October 2, 2010

Abby From Paper and Cake

Hi Friends! Welcome to the final day of guest bloggers for Blog Relaunch Week. I'm happy to bring you a little something from my friend Abby to help transition you into Halloween. Abby and her business partner are party spectacular geniuses, and are sort of like a real-life Martha Stewart, just without the billion dollar empire and rap sheet. So let's see what Abby has been cooking up in her studio. Oh and make sure to read all the way through because there's a great giveaway!

Me? A guest blogger? I feel kinda special… kinda cool. Kinda like Andrea.


I’m Abigail, one half of the creative force behind Paper & Cake printable partyware, and Andrea asked me to write about parties. So here it goes, a special little party favor trick for Halloween.

Whether you are hosting a kid’s trick or treat party, a costume dinner party, or you are just handing out candy at the door, I always encourage you to think outside of the box. Or in this case, inside the box.

I found some clear plastic boxes at a local fabric supply store, 10 boxes for $2.99. I put one together and brought it with me as I searched around my favorite stores (Dollar Tree, Trader Joe’s, World
Market) for things that would fit.

For the under 11 crowd, I found several little toys that were color coordinated (and pretty cool to boot) that would work together nicely in the box.

With the main color of these toys being purple, I figured a purple and black label would really bump it up a notch on the cuteness factor. Add a little glue and a whole lot of Martha Stewart glitter (I love her), and there you have it.

And for the over 11 crowd, how about (store bought) chocolate dipped fancy cookies? Or for the grown ups, espresso cups and packaged coffee. Need a couple more ideas? Here are a few that didn’t make the
cut: popcorn, caramel corn, candy, a cupcake, cotton candy….

So. How about you use these labels, and make your own outside-the- boxes for Halloween? Visit Paper & Cake for our FREE printable Creepy Chic Halloween collection (includes the labels and more), enter the code “4FLIGHTS”.
And if you don’t mind, send me a photo of your party favors!


  1. Fun ideas - love the haunted house design!

  2. I love the "time for a coffin break".

  3. love the labels!! clever and cute! glitter is a girls best friend right? ;)


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