Friday, June 4, 2010

One Romper, 4 Ways

Memorial Day BBQ @ my Uncle's House in La Canada (I swoon every time we visit and I look at their 1/2 acre yard.)

$36 Romper from little boutique I like to shop at called Madison Bleu, worn with 4 different pairs of shoes and complimenting accessories.

So I wanted to show how you could take a $36 uber-trendy romper, and still get a lot of use out of it.  Now I know some of you are rolling your eyes and thinking, "you could never get me to wear a romper in a million years."  And don't worry, I thought the same thing.  But when I tried this baby on, I was so comfortable and I felt so funky!  Let me say that the ladies in the 70's had it right.  And for $36 I thought, what the heck?  My challenge to myself then became, make sure to get some good use out of it before the trend is long-gone.
*A little note about trendy items.  I know some moms are scared of dressing out of their comfort zone, and especially not dressing age-appropriate.  But I would say a trendy item is pretty mom-safe if you can find the item at Target and Old Navy, which you can with rompers right now.

Look 1: This is how I actually wore the romper to the BBQ.  Havaiana flip flops, no belt and no accessories, except my standard gray mom bag.

Look 2: This would be a fun Date Night look.  I added a patent leather belt, some sexy heels by Chloe, a clutch and a chunky necklace from Kohl's Vera Wang line.  Do you wear heels on date nights?

Look 3: Girls Night Out to see Sex & The City 2.  Miranda, this is what I'll be wearing next week when we finally make it to the movies!  I kept the same patent belt, but changed the shoes to patent leather wedges from Via Spiga and switched to a patent leather bag.  I also toned down the accessories with just a simple gold chain necklace and a pair of gold hoops, and put my hair up in a pony tail to make it a bit more casual.  BTW, my aunt declared that this outfit was still a little slutty for girls night out.  Hmmmm...what do you think?

Look 4: Sunday brunch.  I kept the accessories all the same but this time just changed into a pair of patent leather flats.  Can you tell I have a thing for black patent leather?

The last picture is me laughing at myself.  My family thought I was a lunatic showing up at a BBQ with an aresnal of bags, accessories and shoes and were prodding and picking on me the entire time I was taking pictures.  I can't say I blame them. I am a little crazy.


  1. LOVE this! I bought my first super casual romper at Aeropostale a couple months ago, and I can't wait to wear it this summer.

    And the 1/2 acre yard? My dream. Especially with our 11 pets. I have searched high and low for a place I love with lots of property...I've also searched high and low for the winning lottery numbers. Ha!

  2. You're kidding me? TOO slutty for girls night!? I'm not exactly a conservative dresser nor do I dress like a ho bag..but that outfit is NOT slutty AT ALL! Its super cute on. And I really like your hair in the ponytail when you wear the romper. Makes you look young and sassy!

  3. cute as usual, but everything looks good on YOU mrs. long legs!!

  4. I guess I better start planning my outfit for movie night! Not too slutty at all. I was oogling at the heels in picture 2, scanned down - of course I love them hello Chloe!

  5. I love the romper look...have one that I can't exactly fit in to with this big 'ol belly, but hopefully before the end of summer. Oh, and my friend's wife actually owns Madison Bleu!

  6. oh-la-la!
    That romper looks so cute on you (I like #3 the best - I am a sucker for wedge sandals!) And for the record - definitely not too slutty for GNO!!! Really, the romper is not slutty at all, I don't think anyway!)

  7. i love rompers...i have one hanging in my closet with tags on it and you have just given me hope for a new cute outfit! thanks friend!

  8. Girl you CRACK me up! I love that you brought all your shoes and belts to a BBQ! You are truely a fashionista who shares such fun and inspiring tips! Love this romper! I have a solid black romper, more dressy but I need a printed option as you show here!!


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