Friday, June 25, 2010

Playgrounds & Lollipops - Eclipse Premiere

Alright guys, don't be jealous when I tell you that I got to walk the red carpet tonight.

It was incredible, really.
With the deafening screams and popping lightbulbs, I thought I was at the Eclipse premiere.
I kept looking for Edward and Bella.  Jacob? 

Oh wait, this isn't a Hollywood red carpet...I got a little confused there for a minute.
Phew.  Don't worry, no paparazzi to elude.
Just some dentists and oral surgeons.

Yes, you heard me right, dentists.
And hygienists.

All bad attempts at joking aside, it was a fun night celebrating the opening of one of our dearest and most loyal clients, Dr. Silegy.  The doctor is a renowned oral surgeon and we celebrated the opening of his second location in Corona Del Mar tonight.
The red carpet and step and repeat was a fun added touch.

Dress on sale from Anthro
Shoes on sale from Kohl's (Vera Wang line)
If I told you how much I got them both for you would be jealous, so I won't.
Handbag used as clutch Louis Vuitton

psst...okay, I have to tell you.  Those shoes were $7.00!!!  Lesson learned, always cruise the extra 40% off of clearance shoe racks at Kohl's.


  1. Another great P & L!!! I keep wondering when you are going to run out of great outfits to wear... my supply would have run dry months ago :D Anyway, you look DY-NO-MITE. I really, REALLY kinda love that dress.

  2. You look great!
    I LOVE that dress! Love it!
    And, score on the shoes!

  3. I really like the singing picture!!

  4. Love your hair in these photos - you can rock the carpet! My heart did drop for a second when I saw Eclipse premier, some not so nice words were going through my head....

  5. Ditto on Miranda's comment re: Eclipse :). If I can keep these babies in until the movie comes out, you'll have to wait to watch it with us this time! Love the dress and the shoes...$7?!!! You beat my biggest deal ever (purple tweed stilletos) by $3 :). Enjoy your weekend!

  6. You look fabulous! I need to know about the nail polish!!! Details please!!

  7. I need to know what color nail polish that is too! Do tell my stylish friend ;)

  8. looks like a fun night! Love your shoes! and the color of your toesies! Hope your adult weekend will be all you want it to!

  9. Wow, ya hottie. Who would have guessed $7 shoes. Impressive!

  10. You did it... I found a hint of jealousy in the $7 find.
    Glad you had a fabulous time ;)

  11. What a beautiful dress. You look fabulous! I'm so glad I found your blog!

    Have a wonderful Sunday!
    Laura @ along for the ride

  12. You look fabulous, friend! Absolutely fabulous. I Hope you strutted your stuff. Seriously...:)

  13. Hey thanks guys! Sorry, didn't mean to trick you all with the Eclipse premiere teaser, but couldn't resist :) The nail polish is from OPI and I will try to look it up and post it later...it's sort of a purple puce color, sort of looks like a bruise actually. Sort of scary looking in the bottle but looks cool on!


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