Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18th, 2010

Chartreuse to take pictures of new arrivals & do blog post!

Maxi Dress: Target
Sandals: BCBG
Bracelets: Various ??
Scarf: Vintage

I had to run into Chartreuse this morning and I debated wearing my bathing suit and cover-up since we're heading out to the beach later on.  I decided that no employer, no matter how well you know them, should ever see you in your bikini and cover-up unless you are at a company party.  Even then???
So I slipped on a comfy maxi dress and added a head scarf to amp up the hipster vibe.  Hopefully if I look somewhat hip they won't notice I'm just a mom with a camera that sometimes has to bring her children into said employers to take pictures, and have said children throw huge tantrums while taking pictures.

On second thought, I think I would have been better off wearing the bikini...better distraction than the screaming children.

And beware, this is the first what is surely to be many posts of me in maxi dresses this summer.
Oh and P.S. those are decorated sock puppets that my daughter is wearing on her foot and my son is wearing on his arm.


  1. You look FAB in that dress and the scarf just MAKES it pop :D

    I was about to ask if your little man hurt is hand - but then I read teh sock puppet part. FUNNY!

  2. LOVE this outfit and you have the perfect figure for making it look as great as it does. It looks SO GOOD.

    p.s. Marshalls also has those sandals (or a variation) in silver! Also so cute, and I almost bought them, but I have really lame high arches which makes shoes like that not so cute along my instep. Again, those shoes look SO GOOD on you!

  3. You have the most amazing style ever. Please make me over - I need to get more comfy with non-necklace accessories and hair stuff.

  4. I was afraid for a minute that there was a broken arm at your house.
    Oh, how I wish I could rock the head scarf like you . . . I have so little hair, even though it's past my ears, that I'd look like a chemo patient.
    Can I come play in your closet?

  5. super cute!! and i think the three of you look like three peas in a pod.

  6. you are ROCKIN the maxi dress friend! so glad to here your little guy is sporting an arm sock puppet I was worried that he had a booboo!

  7. I have that dress and wear it ALL the time! Love the scarf with it!

  8. you always look so pretty! it never matters what you are wearing!

  9. I see some future style bloggers in the making...robot pants? sock puppets as clothing? creative tattoo placement? So adorable :)

  10. Those pictures are so fun! Priceless.

    Congrats! You are one of the winners of my Shaklee giveaway, so send me an e-mail with your address. marian@missmustardseed.com

  11. Okay!!! So, thanks so much and checking out my anniversary post!!!

    I love your maxi dress.You look great!!! It looks so comfy, and it is an amazing color. I am very into navy blue right now.

    Chartruese, I think, is right in my neck of the woods. I have always wanted to stop by and check out their furnishings. I will totally go by there now. It is so nice to know someone in blog land that lives nearby. I feel like everyone I come across seems to be so far away...

    I love your blog. You always have the greatest fashion sense, and your writing is so interesting and random. I mean random in a totally good way. I love random ramblings...it's my fave thing to do on my blog and to read about on other people's.

  12. Oh my gosh I love these pictures. You have such a cute, stylish family!

  13. You are going to turn me into a shopaholic! I have met you a couple of times (lblo) and you always look fantastic. No dreary mommy duds for me tomorrow. You rock!


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