Friday, February 27, 2009

Trying to concentrate but having a hard time!

I currently sit at my freind Maura's house with a few great friends and we are doing a knitting and knoshing night, however, I don't knit :) So I actually brought my laptop and am working on my blog, catching up on emails and am even going to attempt to work on Syd's baby book!
A couple of other moms are doing the same thing (blogging, scrapbooking, etc.) My friend Chris is working on organizing her daughter's art work. GREAT Chris, another thing that i need to add to my TO DO list!

The last week has been busy as usual. Art took Taylor to a Father/Daughter dance for charity on Sunday and they had a great time (see before and after pictures). Taylor was so excited to go and dance with her daddy it was the highlight of her weekend. By Monday though she had moved onto something else of course, but Art relished his daddy time with Taylor.

The week has been a mix of highs and lows. I tell you I am feeling a little burned out. We met Art for lunch on Monday at ZPizza and Sydney was a pistol as usual. He is so frustrated right now with what I assume is his lack of communication skills. A typical meltdown with Syd looks something like this:
me: Syd, here's some pizza.
Syd: NO!!!!! as he proceeds to push the pizza away
me: okay, you don't want the pizza? I proceed to take the pizza away
Syd: NO, MINE!!!!!!!!!
me: So I give the pizza back
Syd: NO!!! shoves pizza away
me: what do you want Syd? i don't understand what you want (my temperature is rising)
Syd: screaming and crying and kicking in his high chair and raising hell in ZPizza

Art had to take him out of the restaurant at this point.
It turns out that he wanted his pizza sliced up. WTH?!? This goes on numerous times throughout the day and has been going on for weeks. i swear I am having a hard time dealing with him right now. we had 1 good day on Thursday where he really didn't melt down at all and it was great. By Friday though he was back on track with his usual MO. Oh well, at least we were 1 for 5 this week. here's to a good weekend right?!!?

Thank the Lord for my parents! They are going to take the 2 kids overnight on Sunday after church. A much needed break is coming very soon!


  1. The pics of Taylor & Art are great!

  2. I can feel your pain in your post Andrea! I'm so sorry - that in-between communication time is so trying for both of you.... especially in public, it's like they know it or something huh? You are doing such a great job and by the sound of your most recent post you are feeling that too. I'm so glad!


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