Saturday, September 19, 2009

A Mom's Car

So people always joke about what's in a mom's purse, but I can do you better...what's in a mom's car? This heap of stuff is what has collected in my car in a mere 3 days. On Wednesday I cleaned out my car, a ritual I try to perform at least twice a week, and took it in to get a wash. By Saturday afternoon, this is what has collected in it.
Interesting things to note: 3 lunch bags (one of them belonging to our neighbor that forgot it after our little adventure yesterday). At least 4 pairs of shoes (the kids habitually take their shoes off the minute they get in the car, and because we're usually rushing to get out of the car and into the house, we leave them in there. Then, when it's time to go, we just grab a new pair).
Several magazines, 3 of them being Coastal Living. Our swim instructor thought I would enjoy them and I can never turn down a magazine.
A Starbucks cup, of course. Several changes of clothes. Sunscreen and wipes, and just a bunch of trash. YUCK! And last but not least, all of the kid's treasures including the stuffed animals, artwork, coloring pads and pencils, etc. The stuff that they beg and plead to take with them EVERY single time we leave the house. It changes on a daily basis, but we can never ever ever leave the house without each child taking at least 2 items.
I swear I am a clean freak, and despise that this happens to my poor beautiful car, but it's just inevitable.

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