Monday, September 14, 2009

Senior Citizens and Bebel Gilberto at the Hollywood Bowl

While I may complain at times about living in Southern California, I do deep down love this place so much. After living here since the day I was born I can still find things to do that I have never done before. Case in point; last night Art and I for the first time attended a concert at the Hollywood Bowl and it was spectacular.
The special guests were Seu George (the Nat King Cole of Brazil) and the beautiful and very talented Bebel Gilberto. I've long been a fan of hers ever since I discovered her album Tanto Tiempo in the downtown Santa Barbara Borders. Her music is upbeat while at the same time relaxing and sensual. It is the perfect background music and the perfect party music. The added bonus to the night is that because it was one of the last concerts of the season, we got to see the Fireworks Spectacular.
The night was made extra special when, upon finding our seats, we discovered that we were stuck smack dab in the middle of 5 rows of snappy, sassy and at times down-right grumpy senior citizens (the majority of them being ladies).
The evening was going swell until Art did his infamous two finger/tongue whistle thing at the end of a song. One lady turned around and said "Ugh, does he have to do that every time?" We couldn't help but laugh, and out of respect he stopped doing the whistle.
Then Bebel came out and said she was going to sing one of the most beautiful songs she had ever sang and one of the ladies turned and said "Give me a BREAK!", complete with an eye roll!
It gets even better! A young Brazilian girl was standing on top of a brick half wall at the intermission, talking loudly and fervently into her cell phone in Portuguese, looking for her friend. Another lady starting yelling at her to "Please get down! You're making us nervous!! You're gonna get hurt!!!"
Later on when Seu George came on he started talking in Portuguese as he introduced one of his songs. The same lady that was yelling at the young girl on the wall started yelling at Seu George to "Please speak English! Speak English!!!" over and over again. She was so agitated that she continued to yell at him even after he did start speaking in English! It was both hilarious but also uncomfortable at the same time.
The night was brilliant. Perfect weather, fantastic music, delicious wine and picnic dinner, and of course the best entertainment, courtesy of the Yenta Woman's League. Gotta love it!

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