Thursday, October 1, 2009


....that's better!I had the opportunity to get myself a mani/pedi the other day and it always makes me feel rejuvenated. I have been seeing the same nail gal for the last 9 years and have only cheated on her once(recently, out of desperation and a little peer pressure I went to another nail shop and I was reminded why I stick with Christy).

Christy is a one woman shop working out of an office space in Naples and her mani/pedi appointments take a full 2 hours. When you call for an appointment you never reach her, but rather just leave a message stating when you want to come in. Unless you're incredibly flexible (which I have come to be), you usually have to book at least 2 weeks out, 3 if you want a weekend appointment. I have learned to at this point beg, borrow, steal, lie, cheat and do whatever I can to get a sitter so I can make an appointment. Her sanitary standards are top notch, her massages leave you begging for more, and her polish jobs on her pedicures have been known to last for 6 weeks, I kid you not. In the last year or two, I know because due to hectic schedules and the need and want to tighten my belt, I have scaled back to indulging myself in her services about every 5-6 weeks, as compared to every 2-3 weeks.

Did I mention that she came and did "home visits" for
3 months postpartum after both my kids were born?
That alone elevates her to saint hood in my book.

Another thing I love about Christy is that she is chock-full of nail knowledge. Recently my nails have been in bad shape. Splitting, cracking, dry, brittle, you name it. They were so weak that my thumb nails would split when I flossed my teeth. Christy recommended getting Rejuvacote. I haven't been as consistent as I should be, but after just using it for a couple of weeks I have seen a huge improvement. I carry it in my purse and when I have a free second out and about I will put a coat on (you're supposed to apply a coat every day for 2 weeks straight, then every other day for another week, or as needed). You can get it HERE. Best part is you don't pay for shipping!

Let me know if you would like Christy's information. She is well worth the wait!

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