Friday, October 16, 2009

Pork Tenderloin, Brown Rice Pasta and Spinach

I love it when a food inspires me to try something new, and I love that I finally have the confidence in the kitchen to experiment a bit. I was browsing a favorite foodie blog of mine and saw this yummy recipe. I had no kale and I had no pork sausage, but, I did have some leftover uncooked pork tenderloin and some almost wilted spinach, as well as brown rice pasta.

I sauteed the pork medallions in salt and pepper and EVOO and then added the spinach while I was boiling the pasta. I tossed it all together in a big bowl, added some more EVOO and a bit more salt and pepper and there you have it, a one dish meal that was so comforting and delicious. For the kids I just tossed in some peas instead of the spinach because they think anything leafy green is some sort of torture. Sad I know but I'm working on it.

*A note on the brown rice pasta, it was GOOD! I have tried several variations of whole wheat/whole grain pasta and they are just terrible. I don't mind them so much because I have grown accustomed to eating some foods that taste like cardboard for my health (TJ's fiber plus cereal for one), but my family, not so much. Every time I make one of these pastas they're like

"Mom, we know what you're selling and we ain't buying!"

But this brown rice pasta from Fresh and Easy was great and everyone enjoyed it. In fact there are no leftovers! A tell-tale sign of an extra good meal.

What do you have cooking this weekend?


  1. looks DELICIOUS - i'll have to try brown rice pasta next time! thanks for the link and thanks for reading!

  2. I love those simple meals that you can throw together on the fly. I always seem to get the most satisfaction out of those :). I definitely prefer brown rice pasta over whole wheat, especially cause i can cook a meal that matthew can have as well. Try Tinkyada Pasta Joy (available at Whole Foods). You can cook al dente unlike other brands that turn out mushy. Or Barilla Plus is a multi-grain that's got a great taste.


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