Tuesday, December 15, 2009


One can be excused from a multitude of sins, such as not responding to facebook messages, emails, calls and/or updating ones blog when one is in the process of selling and purchasing a home, right?

That is my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

It seems like mixed in with all of our blessings, and believe me, I know how blessed we are, there have been a comedy of errors that have complicated our lives this last month. If you recall a few posts back I was debating whether to stay in Long Beach, or consider moving to Rossmoor for the school district.

Well a quick update on that front; after purchasing what would have eventually been a really cool home after a lot of TLC and dough in La Marina Estates (over by CSULB), we backed out for a number of reasons. We then focused our search in Rossmoor for a number of reasons.

In the meantime, the buyer of our house was pressuring us to remove contingencies on the sale of our home. We stuck to our guns and decided that moving our family 2-3 times just so we "wouldn't lose a buyer" was not worth it. We decided we were not going to move and remove contingencies until we found a home. Well, wouldn't you know that after we finally did find a home to buy, the buyer of our home backed out! We had to quickly put our house back on the market and get it in escrow in 5 days, or the house we had bought would go back on the market.

Are you keeping up with me? Don't worry, I wouldn't blame you if you were dazed and confused. I am. I have decided I am just along for the ride.

Our house is now in escrow again and things for the most part are moving along smoothly. There was a slight hiccup due to a difference of opinion over the repair of some corroded pipes, but we got that all settled and things are back on track.

Did I mention that the new buyer of our home proposed to his long-time girlfriend on the steps of our porch last Wednesday during the home inspection? This house has seen A LOT of action in the last couple of months I tell ya!

In other news, we took the kids to see the Nutcracker last Sunday and on the way home we took a detour from our normal route to stop and get gas at Costco. A dazed and confused out-of-stater from Las Vegas went straight from a left turn lane, right into the bumper of my newly fixed car. Yes, that's right, just 2 short months after spending $1100 getting my car back to its beautiful state, a lady hits it in the same spot! If only I had waited 2 months I could have got it fixed for free. Oh well. I spent some time on the phone yesterday with AAA and at the body shop. Good times.

The pit stop at Costco to get petrol was put on hold due to our frazzled nerves and a very long line. You see where this is going? That night we got an unexpected invite to go and walk the Canals in Naples with our good friends (and my awesome realtor!), the Irelands. As we get in the car Art asks "Do we have enough gas to get us there?"

"Oh sure!" I reply. Well, we did have enough gas to get us there. Just not quite enough to get us back! As we pulled into the parking space at the Prince of Peace Pageant, my car ran out of gas. I think this is the 5th time it's happened to me. I really hate to get gas. Luckily our trusty neighbor Aaron took his family home and then came back and picked us up and took Art out to get gas.

Besides some silly drama and excitement, we are doing well and trying our best to enjoy this wonderful and special time of year. Christmas carols and potpourri are brewing every night at our house and I have been a crafting nut. I have been sewing like mad, baking, stamping, stenciling, etc. I promise to post some pictures of some of the great projects I've been working on this week.

Until then my loan officer is hounding me for more information so I better run!

Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. Wow! I'm tired after just reading it. I think after the move it will be time for some R&R.

  2. i think you need a trip to Hawaii after all this!! or maybe a spa day!


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