Friday, February 3, 2012


Happy Friday friends.  The weekend is here and although we have some house projects we were going to try to squeeze in, realistically I don't think we're going to be doing much else but recovering from a full day at Knott's Berry Farm tomorrow, and being glutinous on Super Bowl Sunday.  It's been a good week, one that I can't really complain about.  Some weeks I feel like being sort of alone, just hunkering down with my brood.  But this week I've been earning for the closeness of friendship and family and have found it when and where I've needed it thank God.

We took a break from the week to visit with our good friends and an impromptu photo shoot took place.  Man I love these kids so much, and I love this age.  So inventive, full of life and happiness and laughter and imagination and creativity.  If we adults could only channel that child-like energy on a constant basis, imagine what we could do?  Of course it's full of drama and fighting and screaming too, but these 15 minute excerpts of pure joy make it all bearable.  The very first photo reminded both Miranda and I of some sort of strange fantasy land Wes Anderson film.  He has a new film coming out.  I didn't know, but Miranda showed me the clip.  Looks brilliant as always.  Speaking of films, we are set to go see the Descendants on Saturday night.  Have you guys seen many of the Oscar contenders?  Sadly we haven't, but at least we're checking this one off.  Happy weekend everyone.  Hoping it's a good one.   

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