Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Out Of the Lunch Rut

It's hard to believe, but we have already been back in school for 1 month, while the rest of you have probably just started back last week or possibly even today.  Sadly, only one month in and we have already hit a bit of a lunch rut, made even more sad by the fact that my girl is a foodie and will try almost everything.  Yet, we keep making her the same old boring turkey sandwich or nutella sandwich.   
I decided to challenge us a bit today as we head back to school after the holiday, and made her a lunch using leftovers from the weekend, and many ingredients so that she will have fun putting her meal together at the lunch table and won't die of boredom ;)

  Using our handy little Glad containers that help keep foods separate (very important to a 7 year old) and contained nicely, I decided to create her a "taco kit", resembling her favorite meal from Chipotle.  I love the smallest 4 oz. size of the Glad containers because I can fit up to 5 of the smallest containers into her lunchbox, along with her juice box.  Best part too is that they're BPA free, a big relief in fact.   
I started by shredding some chicken from a leftover roasted chicken my mother in law brought over the day we came home from the hospital.  I combined some diced tomatoes and leftover corn on the cob, cut off the cob, to make a pico de gallo type of mix, by adding some lime juice and salt and pepper.  I then included some shredded cheese and shredded lettuce, and warmed up a couple of corn tortillas and wrapped them in tin foil to help keep them warm.  And there you have it, taco kit on the go.
Taylor was beyond excited to get something a bit different than the usual in her lunch today, and I'm excited to use up some leftovers, and hopefully make a lunch that will actually get eaten today.  Syd on the other hand eats nothing but peanut butter and jelly, and I've learned to just not fight it anymore.  He gets some protein and eats a bit of veggies and/or fruit everyday, but other than that he's definitely a creature of habit.  At least Taylor is adventurous so I can experiment with her.
So do you guys have any other interesting food options for school lunches that I could try with Taylor, my foodie?  Or do you guys stick with the same lunch day in and day out like I do with Syd?

I have partnered with The Glad Products Company through DailyBuzz Moms to help promote their Food Storage products. I have been compensated for my time commitment to review this product. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments. Thank you GLAD! 


  1. Great post! We are always in a lunch rut here. My son is pretty picky. Since he attends school from 8-4 I feel like we need to load up his lunch box so he gets enough to stay full. I try and rotate things. I'll go ahead and say it's not nearly as healthy as Taylor's lunch (I can dream one day maybe). It's usually a sandwich, corn dog, chicken fingers (that we cook that morning) or we use a thermos container (small one) and put soup or mac & cheese (that we make that morning). It's kinda stressful coming up with something and hoping it's enough to keep him full.

  2. That's a tough one, M is a creature of habit and will gladly take yoghurt and berries all week long. I try and sneak something new in which sometimes works.

  3. I ask Jack every night what he wants for lunch the next day for school and he always says... Peanut butter and jelly, apples, and cheese. Oh and water!! That's it. I have given him some ideas but nope same old same old:)

    Meghan T

  4. oh man this is fun -- love the whatcha call it million pictures switching in the one photo :)

  5. Loved this post! What a yummy lunch.

    My son is the same, definitely a creature of habit. My daughter loves eating new things. Yesterday she asked me to make her a salad. What? However, her favorites are california rolls and a rice cake with peanut butter. I'll have to try this taco bar since this is one of her favorite things to eat period.


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