Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Summer Lovin'

Yesterday evening we enjoyed the warm weather and extra daylight. While waiting for daddy to come home we ventured out front and Taylor picked flowers and Syd crawled around like a crazy man. Have I mentioned how much Sydney DOES NOT like getting dressed and prefers to be in as little as possible? Hence the shirt and diaper look. Anyhow, i really don't understand how babies can crawl all over the place, including concrete and not get calloused knees?

Syd does not like crawling on the grass though so he does the cute bear crawl thing. taylor noticed him doing this and said "look, Sydney is doing yoga!"

Daddy arrived home and we all played out front for a bit more. But before going inside for the night daddy and Taylor had to practice their cheer moves and Art was throwing her in the air as high as he could. I was kinda getting freaked out, but he did catch her everytime :)

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  1. My kids hated the grass too! So I've decided that they don't get calloused knees because they only weigh under 30 lbs!? Sound good? I want my posts to stretch out too!! (o:


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