Friday, June 20, 2008

Sydney Turns 1!

Where oh where did the last year go? Sydney turned the BIG 1 on May 20th, 2008 and we had a HUGE birthday luau to celebrate. Art and I figured that we deserved the party as much as Syd did since we survived the first year with 2, and what a year it was.

At 9 weeks of age, Sydney was diagnosed with torticollis and had to undergo physical therapy and chiropractic adjustments every week to help get his neck back in line. At 12 weeks he got a very bad cold which turned into bronchiolitis and an ear infection. At 4 months of age he was diagnosed with acid reflux after his fussiness grew worse and worse as did his sleeping. The nights before he started reflux medicine he was up every 45 minutes. You can only imagine the state we were in after surviving on little to no sleep. At 6 months he got his second ear infection and second round of bronchiolitis. At his 9 month check up the doctor referred us to receive a second opinion from a urologist regarding his undescended testicle. The surgeon urged us to have surgery to bring the testicle down before his first birthday, so on April 4th our little man went to UCIrvine Medical Center to have outpatient surgery. WOW! Sydney has been through so much in his first year of life and has still managed to emerge an overall healthy and fun little guy :)
Sydney is a spirited little rascal and is into EVERYTHING! Dog bowls, toilet, trash, dirt, and basically anything he's not supposed to have. He is very passionate :) When he is happy, he is oh so happy. But when he is mad watch out! He is famous for banging his head on the ground or head butting you if you do not let him have what he wants. I currently have a fat lip from him head butting me and a bruise on my shoulder from him biting me. I know he sounds like a terror, but really he is a sweet funny little boy. He can light up a room with his smile and really enjoys being around people. In our LBCC child development class he would make the rounds with all the moms and flirt with them and would love to sit on the teachers lap.

He is by nature a momma's boy though! lately he has been rather clingy and will often cry if I leave the room or will be happy with grandma but as soon as I walk in the room he wants me. I can't say I mind too much :)

Sydney is still crawling around and is cruising everywhere, but still no steps. he has a few words including momma, dada, good girl and his absolute favorite, doggy. he just started signing for more and all done and claps furiously whenever he is happy. He has 4 teeth and we are waiting patiently for more to come in since the last teeth that popped through were in March! he loves playing with balls and has quite a good arm on him. he is just now starting to like getting in the kiddy pool with big sis too.

One of Sydney's absolute favorite things to do though is listen to music and dance. As soon as a tune comes on he starts jammin'. This morning I put on a lullaby CD for him thinking there's no way he would start dancing to it and sure enough he did! He also enjoyed dancing to Rhianna yesterday morning as she performed "please don't stop the music" on the Today show. Our friends Jenn and Jason got him the Backyardigans CD for his 1st birthday and it has been a favorite of both kids ever since.

Well I think that's it for Syd man. he keeps us on our toes so check back to hear more about his crazy adventures!


  1. I could have just watched him smile all night long the other night - and his hair!!! Oh so cute!

  2. People should read this.


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