Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Carousel Fun and my Little Artist

Yesterday we went to South Coast Plaza with our good friends and neighbors Ali, Caroline and Olivia. (we missed you Sarah, Reagan and Paige!). We had brunch, went to the Disney Store and of course rode the carousel. Afterwards mommy got to do a little shopping at Nordstrom which is always nice and I finally got myself a new pair of black work pants! My little reward for losing 10 pounds ;)

Over the weekend we hung some artwork that Taylor did almost a year ago with her Nana. they are watercolors and I think they're absolutely amazing. I matted and framed them and we hung them in the main bathroom. I think we have a budding artist in the family?!?!


  1. I do believe you indeed have a budding artist in the Howe family...

  2. Those are beautiful pictures! I totally would have hung them too. So glad to see you blogging!!!


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