Tuesday, July 14, 2009

a post not related to children (sort of) Lesley, this one's for you!

Last night I went and saw the Proposal with my girlfriend Jenn and a few of her friends (I guess would they be acquantices then?). Overall a good chick flick, but the storyline was predictable and unoriginal. It was definitely good for a few laughs though, including the scene where Sandra Bullock is chanting with Grandma and starts singing that rap song (I forget the title or artist), but it goes "to the window...to the wall! Till the sweat runs down my b*lls!" I have to admit I have a secret love for that song because of a very fond memory I have of me getting my groove on at Devil's Martini in Scottsdale and speaker hopping around the club. Good times. I clearly remember Art and the douche bag we were with which is now my BFF's ex husband, doing the hand gestures to the "sweat runs down my b*lls" part of the song. We were young and kidless, what can I say?

Speaking of douche bags, I was appalled today to watch the news and see that Jon Gosling is dating a 22 year old and has taken her to the French Riviera, a mere 3.5 weeks after filing for divorce. The gross couple happily poses for a picture while holding glasses of champagne, and are coming out of what appears to be a private jet? What makes the story even creepier is that the girl is the daughter of the surgeon who performed Kate's tummy tuck a few years back pro bono. Her parents must be so proud.

Jon is now in talks to produce a children's clothing line. Wow, I didn't think he could be even more pathetic until I heard that! Way to go loser, go ahead and capitalize on your fame based solely on your 8 adorable children and venture into something that you have absolutely NO knowledge of and invariably will not even really be producing, just merely licensing your name out to. Bravo Jon, you win the Douche of the Day award!


  1. ewww. i am in hawaii and i saw that pic..i wanted to throw up a little!!! i hate him!

  2. Be fair. Both Jon AND Kate are douche bags.


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