Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Dog Named T-Bone In a Dress That Says Julia

Last Friday we found out that Taylor was going to bring home T-Bone for the weekend, the class dog from her school. She was very excited, as were her horses, because horses can never have enough stuffed animals to play with you know. Little did T-Bone know that he would be in for quite an adventure. A Howe family-style adventure where there is no rest for the weary and there is activity around every corner.

We had to power up for the big weekend, so he/she (still don't know if T-Bone was a boy or a girl) ate lots of Cheerios, the breakfast of champions, wait, that's Wheaties.

To make sure T-Bone was up for the challenge and all the adventures that lay ahead of him/her, he/she was given a full vet exam which included shots, green pills and lots of hugs. It was discovered that T-Bone was suffering from a bad case of wag-a-citis. What is wag-a-citis you ask? The intense and uncontrollable urge to constantly wag ones tail of course.

We all got very dressed up and buckled up for safety to head over to Angie's 2nd Birthday Party!

Cupcakes were enjoyed by all

Later that night we all settled in for some hot cocoa. Cause nothing screams settling down like giving dog-puppets and little children hot cocoa with whipped cream right before bed time. Not too smart Andrea, not too smart. Definitely a lesson learned. Everyone did enjoy their hot cocoa, especially T-Bone. He/she said that the cat usually gets all the warm milk.


And sleeping. So Sweet.

Bye-bye T-Bone. Aside from all the Cheerios and drool you left all over, you were a wonderful house guest and you will be missed.


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