Thursday, November 12, 2009

How 10 cents Occupied the Kids for 10 minutes

Actually it was more like an hour with all the putting together of the mobile and such. But a good ten minutes was spent just dancing around it. Then it started to fall apart and the fun was done. I just thought the book was cute and for 10 cents at the Rossmoor Library, how could you go wrong? It was in perfect condition and printed in 1972.

You punch out the mobile pieces and put it together with string. On one side were scenes of baby animals.

And on the other side was the grown up animals. I thought the illustrations and colors were fun.

It ended up being quite long so I hung it from the kitchen light fixture and the kids danced around it and through it.

Then pesky baby brother Sydney started pulling on it too hard and it started to come apart. And that was the end of our fun with the 10 cent Animobile book. It served us well though for 10 minutes at least.

A mother will take what she can get.


  1. gotta love the friends of the library stores :)

  2. So. so true. I just did a post on the same theme (taking what you can get) It will be up tomorrow.
    And cute book. We need to visit that library.


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